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Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by wovenweb, Jun 21, 2018.

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    I’m getting ready to replace the floor pan in my ‘70 Custom convertible. A previous owner had some work done where they laid in some patches and fiberglassed them in. I’m a novice and have never seen this before, it doesn’t look very good to me so new metal it is.

    The car came from the factory with a power bench seat, it wasn’t working when I removed it because of wiring issues. All that has been sorted out and everything tests out fine, so the setup is going back in the car. When I removed the seats, they were held in by a single bolt on each side. As there are are 3 holes in the seat tracks I’m assuming it should have at least two if not all 3 in use. However, there are some brackets on the floor pan that I’m not sure what they are for. So, my question, what are these brackets used for? They didn’t appear to be in use when I removed the seat.

    Are they there due to the power setup? Do I need them in the new floor pans? If so, any ideas where I can get replacements?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. FWIW, I was planning on replacing the current metal with two half sections, driver and passenger side. Toeboard back to the rear seat area. The rest of the metal in those areas appears salvageable.

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    Looks to be whats left of your old brackets.You can get them from most resto supply companies.The Parts Place ,OPGI ,Year One.All should be able to help you.Good luck with the job.Joe
  3. wovenweb

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    Thanks for the input Joe. I ended up ordering a set of the repop brackets, they got here today and the studs matched up fine with my seat tracks. They look different, but should work fine. And who is going to see them anyways with the carpet and the seat in the way.

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