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    I was working under the car one day and decided to match up a lower control arm I had in the garage from a 70 LeMans. It was exactly the same! The rear lower control arms on 65-70 B & C bodies and 66-70 E bodies with few exceptions are the same part number as 64-72 A bodies! Part number 1384096 is shared across most of GM's production from that period in time. Of course the upper arms for the big cars are totally different as you would imagine. Also the arm to arm rear sway bar from an A body isn't wide enough. So go ahead boys and beef up those rear suspensions. I can't understand why the companies that make these things don't market them for the big cars as well. The information is out there for all to see.

    Personally I plan to replace the lower arms in my 67 Electra with the factory looking boxed units made by Goodmark. Mainly because some genius at some point in time tried to jack the car up from one and slightly twisted it. - Bill

    Here is a pdf link to the 1972 Buick master parts catalog that confirms this.
    (thanks to Todd @ team buick)
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    Suspension parts on GM A bodies are pretty much interchangeable. No surprises.

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