Ford 9 inch front mount girdle

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    Greeting Buick lovers

    I haven't been on line for sometime but I have had an eventful summer that created a change in my rear axle housing reinforcement.

    Having a 9 inch Lincoln rear axle housing, 33 spline axles, spool, anti roll bar, adjustable control arms and shocks I thought my setup was bullet proof. This year I installed a Nitrous kit and starting with a 100 HP hit I immediately rolled two sets of second gears sprags and Bent and twisted both tubes of my Lincoln rear axle housing. Fixing these problems from occurring again without a huge cash investment is what I would like to share with you in this post..

    To resolve the sprag issue I installed a Coan Super sprag ($560 plus labor). Second, I installed a the front mounted rear end girdle to prevent the twisting and bending of the axle tubes total cost $125.00.

    I hope you enjoy the photos.


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  2. Hotrodgss1

    Hotrodgss1 Aiming High!

    Very nice job! How's it worked out on the track?
  3. Smokey15

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    I have a 9" Ford diff in my '67 Skylark. My friend who owns GoFast Productions suggested a back brace on it. It has a Mark Williams center section, a billet pinion carrier and a spool with 4:10 gears. The axle tubes are welded and I using aftermarket suspension.
  4. Weekender

    Weekender weekender

    Hey guy! I just ran across this thread I started last year. I have a full season and a half on this system and it works very well. T No further twisted and bend tubes and we are consistently running 1:41 with a best 1:38et 60 foot time. The reason I did not back brace as Smokey15 mentioned is that my anti-roll bar attaches back there and I did not want revamp that system. I have had the axles out twice for gear changes and they still come out easily, unlike when the housing was been.
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  5. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    That's good news. Glad it's working well.

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