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    What does it mean when it says: You are not subscribed to an forums? Just curious.Ken:Do No: :Do No:
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    When you post a message to a thread you are given the option at the bottom of the screen in the "options" segment. Select "Email Notification" and you will be "subscribed" to that thread...which basically means you'll receive an email every time someone responds to the thread.
  3. Actually, there is a link at the bottom of the last post in a thread, that says "Subscribe to this thread" . If you click that link on a few threads that you want to pay close attention to, but don't want to get emails everytime there is a post, you can then go to your user control panel "user cp" and there you will see a list of your "subscribed" threads, and can click on any one of them to check up on them. This isn't exactly the same as selecting "email notification" at the bottom of a new post you are making, although it may sound like it's the same thing.... HTH
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    I said that because it's pretty much the default thing. When you post a reply to a thread you're automatically subscribed to it. And you can unsubscribe by going into the user cp and scrolling through the endless threads that are now pretty much dead:grin:
  5. Adam, if you are being automatically subscribed to every thread you post in, then you need to check your user settings in your "user cp" page. You can set your default email notification to either yes, or no. And there is no setting to automatically "subscribe" you to threads you post in. If your user cp shows tons of subscribed threads, you might want to contact Jim W or Mike Bucy about that problem. :Do No:
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    I'll look into it. But I don't mind being subscribed to the threads I reply to. It helps me find them easier if there are other replies I want to read.

    Thanks for the info though:TU:
  7. No problem Adam! Those are the types of threads that I change to get an email notice of new posts, instead of not.
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    sounds too complex for me. I had better stick to building buicks. Ken

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