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    Afternoon everyone. I'm going from a 350 with A/C to a 455 with A/C in my '72 Lark.

    I pulled the whole front suspension & I noticed that the factory A/C(passenger) side spring is about an 1/8" taller than the driver side.

    I bought the Moog 5398 springs which is supposed to be a 455 with A/C spring. They are both the same height.

    Is this normal? I wouldn't think that it would be a big deal. Just odd.


  2. Gary Bohannon

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    Stock springs will settle with age, and may become uneven. But there is often more weight on one side of a vehicle, based on accessories, the battery location, etc.
    The factory added rubber spacers at final inspection on occasions to meet specs.
    A common 3/8" spacer will lift about 3/4 to 1" at the fender. So a thinner one may be added if one side is slightly low. Best put a spacer on top so as to not plug the drain holes on the bottom a-frame.
    The new springs may be level enough though. Good luck.
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