FS: rebuilt 1965 300, poston 110a, Offenhauser VC, ST300 & ST400 trans

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by skylark300, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. skylark300

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    I’ve been looking for cheap roller to put this in with no luck, so...

    For Sale:
    Rebuilt about 10 years ago, driven maybe 20miles and then eventually swapped to an LS. It has been stored in my garage for the last 6 years.
    Stock Compression
    Poston 110a cam kit with Springs and pushrods
    Heads rebuilt with new valves and bronze guides
    T/A performance(?) oil pump shim plate
    Edelbrock 600cfm vacuum secondary carb

    Still needs tuning, I remember It having a bog on WOT.

    Both transmissions and ST300 micro switch are included, I was planning on using the ST300 converter with the ST400 trans.
    I also have the stock driveshaft and non posi rear end.

    Take it all for $1,000 obo
    Can also work a deal for my OFFY ribbed valve covers. Will try to post pics within the next week. Located in Palm Springs,CA
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    PM sent with question
  3. skylark300

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    9A3A9AD2-D59B-47FB-B528-51B2C2747331.jpeg FFD07660-046E-4F7C-82C7-42DC3C617D13.jpeg 9651B99D-5037-4731-8526-F38CEE101FAE.jpeg BCB43AF7-23A9-4753-8ADD-39A87F64C864.jpeg CC52A1A5-2B68-4309-9A54-62616B601A3C.jpeg 5F9C92B5-8D38-4957-BAFB-3415F5D09E0D.jpeg

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