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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by brooke65special, May 16, 2019.

  1. Any ideas on how to get a stuck glove compartment open on my 65 Special? It’s not locked and the button pushes in but it won’t open. I had trouble getting it to close and slammed it shut. My bad, I guess! I really, really don’t want to drill out the lock or take the dash apart.

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    DeKalb, Ill.???

    I kinda went through the same deal with my '64 except it wouldnt latch in the CLOSED position. Since the 64 latches are dash mounted, and one year only and unobtanium, I replaced the door with a 65. Thats got the latch IN THE DOOR and put a fender plug in the dash hole. I had to fabricate a latch for the dash side.

    If the box liner is bad, go in from the bottom. Unscrew the catch from the bottom of the dash. A new box liner is <20.00 if ya need to destroy it. Try not to force the thing open as the lock stuff is mostly pot metal and will explode on contact. Its probably pretty sticky with old grease. You may be able to grab the latch with a "L" shaped pick and pull it down. Make sure its not locked! See bottom pic.

    I have the 64 door and a few latches if you wanna go that way. The 64 sucks to get at the lock mechanism. Its up and behind the lip on the dash steel. ws




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    Number one, spray some WD40/PBlaster into the lock. Fiddle around with the lock while pushing the door at the same time. It will take some pushing kinda hard, BUT it should open.. The '64's are a pain in the A!!!.

    Tom T.
  4. Thanks for the ideas. It wouldn’t be that big of a problem except my garage door opener is in there. If the WD-40 doesn’t work, I might just cut a hole in the bottom of the box liner and not worry about the lock right now. I’ve had a series of weird things happen to this car over the last month or so but at least I can still drive it at this point!
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    yachtsmanbill Need directions to BANNED camp

    If you can get to the two screws for the retainer on the top, itll pop right open. ws

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