Good Paint & Body Shops in South Carolina

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    I had what might be called an on-frame restoration of the body and much of the interior of my 1972 Skylark last year, and while I am mostly pleased with the body work that was done on the car, the paint has some issues, and the rear glass leaks. I no longer trust the body shop I used in Irmo, SC to address these issues properly, so I am looking for a shop in SC, preferably in the Columbia area but I'll gladly go farther for good work, to help with some of these issues. Does anyone have any recommendations? I think we may even have a couple of guys here on the board who do that sort of work here in SC.
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    Try Danny’s performance. He has one on Sparkleberry cutoff just off two notch rd. His hot rod shop where they build cars it located on Farrow road just past where they park semi trucks. It has a black iron fence around it. There is also J Bell off Spears creek church road off I20. You should be able to google either phone #
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