got a 455 with 430 heads?

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by midwestgs, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. midwestgs

    midwestgs Well-Known Member

    What is the reason for this better CC?72 455 with 67 430 heads
  2. credle72

    credle72 Member

    I'm not sure I have seen any logical reason to swap older 400-430 heads on (as long as they are stock vs stock). 430 heads would have additional oiling for solid rockers that isn't needed on a 455 with hollow pushrods.

    If you purchased the engine like this, it may be a few things.
    1. Previous owner had these heads worked on and they are not stock.
    2. Previous owner trashed the stock heads and needed replacements.
    3. Previous owner lost a race to a guy who had a 430
  3. Ken Warner

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  4. Al68buickgs

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    I got the same setup 430 heads on a 455 engine do have TA oil pump upgrade notice the engine runs strong great oil pressures all the time as well as steady temp below 180 purchase the car like this I'm happy?

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