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    It took me a little over 5 years to work my way out of the mess I got myself in to with the ex GF. She was a co signer on my mortgage and we went our separate ways. It was ugly and messy, I will spare you the details. Anyway, I finally was able to refinance my home without needing a co signer (the economy is a lot better than it was) and I am free of the cloud that I have been under for those 5 years.
    I am grateful to all the powers that be for the help and guidance that brought me to this point. I feel that I can finally get on with my life now. It is good to know that when my time comes, my Son will inherit whatever I have without someone else trying to lay claim to my hard earned belongings.
    And finally I would like to thank all of you for your help and support, for allowing me to vent here so many times.

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    That's great, Lee! I can understand how you feel. Like a huge load off your mind. And, as for our support: It's what friends do, my friend.
    Glad to be here for you, and happy about the wonderful news.

    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Lee glad to hear your on your own feet again.
    It's not venting so much as saying what's on your mind.
    Glad to be one of those in the group to listen....
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    These last 2 days have been awesome. I sleep better now and when I come home I feel uplifted, the heaviness is gone. I look around my home and feel that all is well again.

    Thanks for everything, you all really do make a difference.
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    Good to hear...


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