GS 113A CAM, & LIFTERS 455, short run, Break in.

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    Here is a POSTON 455, GS113A CAMSHAFT and POSTONS HIGH REV LIFTERS, A matched set, Removed shortly after break in. Here is what happened. Engine ran on test stand. First start did the cam break in. Ran engine periods of time monitoring oil psi and temp. Suddenly oil pressure dropped to 16 psi. Lost mains. (Yep, line bore off). Pulled Cam and lifters, inspected, all looks great. All lobes intact and smooth and bearing surfaces. Engine never lost all oil pressure and never ran hot.
    I bought this shortly before Poston went out of business The lifters are boxed and marked in order from cam posisition. So I saved the parts and bought a engine from TA.
    I no longer have their catalog. But I think originally the Cam was $180.oo and lifters were $80.oo or $90.oo. Plus freight. If someone knows, feel free to verify price.
    Sold as a matched set.
    Price $175.oo for both. Buyer pays freight, Insurance and signature recieved.
    ( No packing and handling fees) It will be double packed and boxed.
    Weight of lifters, 3 to 3.5 LBS.
    Cam shaft 9 to 9.5 LBS
    Total MAX weight 12.5 to 13.Lbs.
    Buyer will only be charged actual UPS weight and fees.
    Will ship to lower 48 states only.
    Item location, Biloxi MS. 39532 ,,,
    Payment, Cashiers check, money order, or if needed we will set up for pay pal.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Inline.. I’ll get with you tomorrow
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