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  1. I know where a 71 GS is with lights inside on the sail panel, kinda behind your head is in the back seat. Is this an option?
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    Yes, Deluxe int package
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  5. So what other cool options did Buick have.
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    For model year 1971?
    Max Trac on the Riviera for that model year, here is a 1973 video:

  7. For any.

    Traction control in 73. Nice.
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    No, in 1971.
    No 1971 video available [​IMG]
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    Another amazing GM option was the "Liquid Tyre Chain".
    Installed on only "just over 2600 model year 1969 Chevrolets" (sorry, no Buicks, but still very cool)

    Read the article [​IMG]
  10. Liquid tire chain, I thought of that idea for street racing, to spray a little VHT on the tire for more traction on the street.
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    What option code was for the chrome seatbelt buckles and the rear seatbelt hold down

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