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    The Eiffel Tower was 130 years young on May 15th 2019.
    Built for the 1889 World's Fair, the original plan was to take it down after the event.

    In the very beginning the tower was designed to be built in Barcelona, Spain.

    A light show is held at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to celebrate the 130th anniversary of its construction.
    Built for the 1889 World's Fair, towering at 324 meters and weighing 7300 tons,
    the Eiffel Tower attracts nearly seven million visitors every year.

    The Eiffel Tower was originally supposed to be in Barcelona.
    Thinking the thing would end up looking like an eyesore, the city rejected Gustave Eiffel's plans,
    and he was forced to repitch the project elsewhere.

    Luckily, Eiffel found a home for his idea in Paris, where the Tower could serve as the main archway for the 1889 International Exposition.

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    I was lucky enough to see it back in 88. It was undergoing some rehab at the time. Quite an experience
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    You can always go to Las Vegas to see the replica, but it's not the same thing I guess...


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    My wife and I looked forward to touring the Eiffel tower . Had our bright red Christmas hats that we wear for our annual Christmas photo with us. Thought a photo from up on the Eiffel Tower overlooking Paris would be fun. Stood in line...about 45 minutes. Almost to entrance. Security sentry asked what we had in our bags. We pulled out our bright red and white hats and displayed them,remarking that we were going to have our photo taken for Christmas photos while we were up in/on the Eiffel Tower. He gesticulated and indicated that we were to step out of line.We did. He then admonished us that we could not take/wear these on the Tower for Christmas photos. Absolutely adamant about it although very many of the people waiting in line were wearing headgear of every imaginable type. After several minutes of "why","why not" queries from my wife and I and being repeatedly told "No Christmas,no...."and so on ,we became discouraged/angry and realized he was NOT going to let us ascend the Tower with our Christmas hats. By this point in time,the excitement and fun of the Eiffel Tower were in tatters for us. The other security sentries were not interested and we did not know to whom to appeal this (to us) outrageous and unreasonable treatment . We turned around and began walking off. I spotted a security sentry whose appearance was different from the offending security sentry. Tall,substantial athletic build,fair hair and blue eyes and best of all,an excellent command of the English language. We explained our situation to him and pointed at the security sentry who had denied us entry. His eyes narrowed, jaw took a set and he strode over to the other security sentry. "Our"(and by "our" I mean the security sentry who spoke fluent English)security sentry got into it with his counterpart. These two got into a heated debate. The offending security sentry's swarthy mediteranean complexion almost turned burgundy from the blood rush to his face. As things began to look as if these two were coming to blows,an unspoken accord was reached and our security sentry turned toward us and motioned for us to step to the head of the line for Tower entry...with our Christmas hats. The other security sentry was livid,but stepped back. We toured,oohed and aahed at the spectacular views and took our pix....none of which turned out well and which were not used for a Christmas card. This was our Eiffel Tower experience. Maurice Chevalier,what has happened to your country?
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    Very strange story.
  6. gokitty

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    I agree. Unfortunately,it is a true story.

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