Has anybody bought candy brandywine paint?

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Psilent Child, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Psilent Child

    Psilent Child Well-Known Member

    I have decided on the color concept and design I would like to paint my 71 skylark; now I'm trying to figure out the price. I want to paint it tuxedo black metallic with candy brandywine ghost stripes with the rims painted tuxedo black like the car.. I have price the tuxedo black and it's $270 per gallon. It comes with everything needed to paint. I assume that I would need a 2 gallon setup. The problems is I can't seem to find a price nor know how much I need. My question is could some give me an idea on if this would be enough tuxedo black paint? What is the price of candy brandywine paint and how much would I need? Here is a picture of the design I want.
    Here are 2 pictures of the color concept.
  2. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    Check with "House Of Kolor." Should be $90. to $100. per quart.
  3. tallytony1000

    tallytony1000 Silver Level contributor

    X2 on HOK
  4. Psilent Child

    Psilent Child Well-Known Member

    How many quarts would I need for that design? Would I need least paint since I'm doing ghost?
  5. 70staged

    70staged Well-Known Member

    DO NOT use Du Ponts Hot Hues paint. The color will start to fade in a year. Buddy painted truck a hot hues orange and now its a faded yellowish color. Talked to the DuPont rep about it afterwards as other people I know were have the same problem as us with different colors.

    Now if you use the HOK make sure you get paint that is compatable or just use HOK all the way. Also I would highly suggest an intercoat clear be done before you add the ghost stripes. Yes I found out all of this the hard way (but was told it would work just fine but negative, no one mentioned the intercoat clear)

    As far as amount of paint 2 gallons of black should be plenty (unless you decide to put cake the paint on and have 5+ coat) It should take about a little over a gallon of paint so I would get 1.5 gallons to be safe. (just in case you spill some or have a panel that is having problems.) Its better to have a little extra just in case. As far as the stripes go you might be able to do it with a quart depending on the mix ratio.
  6. Psilent Child

    Psilent Child Well-Known Member

    This is the place I was going to buy the tuxedo black paint from, would this work with HOK paint?

  7. SteeveeDee

    SteeveeDee Orange Acres

    Black covers like a big dog. If you are painting the whole car black, 1 gallon should be enough. Too much paint makes it too thick and it chips more easily. The flames and such are going to cover more ground, also. Make sure to paint judiciously to avoid waste...including your money.

    I have not bought this brand of paint. Your experience with it may differ from mine with other brands.
  8. Psilent Child

    Psilent Child Well-Known Member

    If one gallon of paint would work then it would seems that its going to cost around $500 to buy paint and if that's the case that's not bad at all. It would cost $270 for the tuxedo black set up and around another 2 or $300 for candy brandywine set up.

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    What black would you recommend?
  9. 197064buickspec

    197064buickspec 1964 Special Post-455

    If you doing this yourself and never have painted a car before. I would run with one paint system. If you buy just the house of colors black basecoat that would take care of the basecoat and wouldn't need the tuxedo black. Also I would run with the HOK clearcoat if your using their candy and basecoat for the possible paint warranty. If you mix manufacturers they will not stand back behind your paint job.

    Don't forget:
    + Sealer
    + Clearcoat hardner

    And all of the misc primer and sand paper, paint suit, respirator,rubber gloves, tack cloth, scuff pads, tape and fine line tape and masking paper etc.

    Most likely you will have $1500-$2k into paint and materials.

    And also good luck with Candy color if this is your first time painting a car. It will be an expierence for ya!
  10. Psilent Child

    Psilent Child Well-Known Member

    I have a buddy of mine that's going to help me with it. He has his on shop, but I don't know if he has ever painted candy before. He is in a truckin magazine so he does good work, but that doesn't mean he can paint candy or ghost. I'm going to ask him Wednesday.
  11. HeartOfChrome

    HeartOfChrome Member

    I just recently painted my car with House of Kolor gear.
    highly recommend it.

    If you are shooting ghost flames you are going to want to shoot test panels to test the effect you want.

    excuse me if I'm telling you the obvious - but the running order is.

    primer (obviously)
    black basecoat (I'd be shocked if a gallon didn't cover)
    2 quarts of reducer (thinners) to go with this basecoat
    Intercoat clear (to my mind this is essential wherever you want flames (ie no need to paint the whole car) - you don't wanna be laying out flames on your basecoat - especially black! It is pretty much guaranteed to mark a black base
    1 quart of intercoat will be likely be enough - it sprays just like basecoat and uses the same reducer (another quart of reducer will give you thinners and a little extra for cleaning etc)
    now you will be masking out your fflames
    flames are painted first in usually silver, gold or white! If you just spray the candy over black you won't see it.
    this is why I said you need to do some testing first - the effect will be very different over the different colors / and you need to see how many coats of kandy will produce the effect / color you want. This will depend on your painters tecnique and equipment - each coat of candy will make it darker - so how thick your paint man lays it on is everything!
    This testing wi tell you how much kandy you need!
    few coats and light cover you might need only a quart - I'm guessing you'll want two quarts.
    hok candy sprays like a 2k lacquer and needs a catalyst (hardener) and a little bit of thinning too
    ratio is 2 parts kandy - 1 part hardener - and they say 1 part thinner, though my experience is that I've not needed any more than a splash of thinners.
    Just for reference I used 6 coats of candy - which for a flame job across the front probably would be 2 -3 quarts.
    Now your clear... Probably another gallon here + two quarts of hardener, (same as the candy) and a bit more reducer ...

    HOK do 'airbrush' pots which are very cheap for doing some experimenting (they are exactly the same paint as the quarts / gallons) which is very handy.

    good luck - it looks stunning if your man has the skills !

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    Here's a little snap of mine...
    hok kandy apple red over gold base , with a pinch of extra sparkle (flake) in the intercoat (I have ghost stripes)

    Hard to show off the effect - you can almost see the stripes in this pic


    the stripes on my car are a silver base - while the rest of the car is gold base - makes them very subtle.

    (Yes - that's a blown Buick v8 in a miata - don't ask why...)
  12. SportWagonGS

    SportWagonGS Moderator

    This is true of all TRUE candy paints, since the candy color is a dye the UV beats it down, my 78 Yamaha XS750 was painted HOK candy red over silver and after parking it at work in the same spot for about a year one side was lighter than the other...I parked it pointed the other way for another year and then when it was even started parking in the back under a roof

    Also, the Hot Hues candy can be mixed in different strengths, high strength helps prevent fade as does a couple high solid clear coats
  13. 70staged

    70staged Well-Known Member

    also according to Jon Kosmoski (the founder) you can not use any other brand of paint besides HOK because it will react. But I don't know if this is because he wants you to buy his paint only or if this is true. I talked to him face to face about it when I had a class with him at the NACE show in Vegas some years ago 2005 actually
  14. blowncash

    blowncash Well-Known Member

    If your buddy is going to paint it,I'm sure he has a product line he is used to working with. And I bet he can make a call and have exact prices for your materials. Just my experience.
  15. 72 buey

    72 buey New Member

    where did you get the template for that buick. Did you just find a picture or did you do that with a program

  16. SteeveeDee

    SteeveeDee Orange Acres

    Been awhile, sorry. Any company's black will make your basis for painting your car. It is high hide, for sure. I won't recommend a brand, there are too many out there, with a lot of differences. I will say that I have had bad results, twice, with Duplicolor lacquer.
  17. CarolinaDrifter

    CarolinaDrifter Well-Known Member

    the stripes on my car are a silver base - while the rest of the car is gold base - makes them very subtle.

    (Yes - that's a blown Buick v8 in a miata - don't ask why...)
    :) Cause you can!!!
  18. Psilent Child

    Psilent Child Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me if the rims in the drawing are real? If they are what kind are they?
  19. hnoor0022

    hnoor0022 New Member

    Yes I found out all of this the hard way (but was told it would work just fine but negative, no one mentioned the intercoat clear)

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