has anyone had any luck reducing/removing bird poop stains?

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by berigan, Jan 27, 2020.

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    I have a 1977 Regal that is a daily driver. I bought it from a little old lady (insert joke here) who kept the car in a garage, but...birds got into the garage and pooped on it at will. Since she hadn't been driving the car for 4 years (she was 90 when I bought it in '16) don't know how many years this had happened.
    Finish is a bleh, non metallic tan. Paint seems thick, actually wonder when the padded top was replaced in the mid 80s, if enamel was put down instead of lacquer. Just doesn't seem to have that lacquer shine (I know, sun can fade paint, but equally "dull" on the lower panels) anyway, there are probably 60 stains over the roof, trunk and hood. I did try a combo Meguiar's, and Mothers rubbing compounds/polish/wax with a buffer. Made a bit of a difference when I did this a year ago. some daylight it isn't too bad, but some days it just looks terrible.
    so, looked a bit on youtube, and mainly I see some clips working with clear coat, and I just don't know if that would work on a non-clear cut paint.
    I really wouldn't mind cutting down the paint a fair bit, as this car is garage kept (without birds inside!) and I can't afford to paint the car at this time....
    anyone had any success on an older enamel, or lacquer paint?????

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    Acids and enzymes in bird poop are very bad for their ability to etch and and leach. Their urine and feces are a binary weapon delivery system, and high in urea.

    Since the time the stuff sat on the paint, over the years and humidity, it has been at work a long time.
    The stains have permeated the paint to a depth that cannot be remedied by any cut and buff process.

    Given, it is on the "top" surfaces, the color match may be easy enough to have a light top coat applied and may be very acceptable (compared to what you have), for a driver, and be low enough cost to make it doable, rather than the time, cost and effort of a full repaint.
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    I agree with Michael, bird poop is really bad stuff. All I can say is in general is wash it off as soon as you can. Given enough time (like your case), the damage is not going to buff out.
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    In order to remove contaminants without any abrasives or solvents, clay is the way. They don't clean aircraft fuselage with it for nothing...

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