Has anyone sprayed metal flake?

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by hemikillerstg1, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. hemikillerstg1

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    Looking for tips on shooting a car in .015 flake. I've read that the base should be darker than the flake. I've also read to not add flake to a base coat, to use a clear carrier base. Then 3 coats of clear, wetsand and then 2 more clear coats. Looking to shoot my car in a purple flake. Anyone got any advice or know someone in MN or western WI?
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    You'll need a big tip in the gun,.2.0 or so,.also pull the gun a good 12 to 16in away and let the flake fall In place. Putting it in some mixing clear will help it lay more evenly for sure. I'd put 4 or 5 coats of clear just to assure you dont sand thru,..sand with 800 then drop coat two more coats cut with a touch of slow reducer
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  3. hemikillerstg1

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    That's pretty much exactly the advice that I've read on the HAMB.
    This is what I'm going to paint.
    I just can't take yellow lol. I have a custom white Impala interior being made for it.

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  4. 300sbb_overkill

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    I hear ya on the yellow, I'm not a big fan of that color either.

    Now is the .015 flake the same size they use on bass boats or are those even bigger?
  5. hemikillerstg1

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    The next biggest size is .025, they also have micro .004 and a .008 mini flake.
    This is paint huffer micro purple haze

    This is the .015
    This is the paint huffer Blow
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  6. 12lives

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    sweet ride!
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  7. Gallagher

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  8. hemikillerstg1

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    I am really wanting to do it myself, honesty don't even know what it would cost to have someone at a shop do it. I've heard about 7k-10k
  9. gs66

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    There’s a shop by Sleepy Eye that used to shoot a lot of metalflake. They were not known for speedy work though. Some really sharp cars came out of there, some stunning colors. Haala Body Shop.
  10. philbquick

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    Most of the cost of a paint job is building and blocking. If you get it all prepped most shops will only charge a few hundred $ to shoot it.
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    Nice Car. Paint it Dark Green with Black top
  12. 71stagegs

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    Cool car like the dash they used
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