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    For anyone who is thinking of upgrading there headlights here is another option to the several posted . I went with Octane lighting option. I got the 4 headlight kit with the wiring harness and halogen bulbs. I plan on switching to led when the bulbs burn out. The headlights are glass faced with metal backs, they fit in the headlight buckets with out any trimming required and use a H4 bulb. Installation was a simple remove and replace. The wiring harness is also plug n play. The harness is plugged into one of the cars low beam plug, connect the grounds ( each lamp has it own grnd) and hook the fused power lead to the battery. 2 relays are used to turn on the low and high beams. Power to the relays is all that is supplied from the cars original wiring and the lights draw power directly from the battery.
    I have run this set up for about a month or so with no problems. The lights are much brighter the the original and after aiming them I have not been flashed by other drivers. I have 100w/90w halogen bulbs installed (can with kit).
    Now part 2, I decided that I wanted " halo" rings . ( I know not everyone's cup of tee ). I bought 2 halo headlights from Octane lighting. I wanted bright halo's to use kind of as DRL, so I got the SMD halo's, they have 3 different options i believe, but the SMD are the brightest. I planned on wiring them up to come on with the parking lights and stay on when the headlights were on, but when I got them there was a sticker that said NOT to run them when the headlights are on. I'm guessing to avoid the added heat from the halogen bulb. To have them off when the headlights are on I wired them up with a SPST NC relay that is triggered to open when the headlights are turned on, so when you pull out the headlight knob first detente gives you parking lights and halo's , second detente gives you parking lights and headlights no halo's. Power for the halo's is tapped into the yellow side marker lights power and the trigger power to shut off the halo's is from the low beam power wire.
    All in all i'm happy with the ease of installation and the brightness of the headlights and halo's. I would have liked to avoid making the relay/wiring to shut off the halo's but it wasn't hard and the 2 pack of relays on amazon was around $10. 20190419_194801.jpg 20190419_194824.jpg 20190419_192543.jpg 20190223_133523.jpg 20190223_154942.jpg
    The 1st pix headlights installed
    2nd, halo on
    3rd, halo's on only in dark garage
    4th, headlight
    5th, headlight wiring harness


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    Hey, thanks for posting! Looks like it was a pretty simple upgrade that really improved light performance!
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    Looks very similar Bad Boattail. This is the harness I got from Octane lighting . Has the ceramic connectors and relays. I didn't think it was a bad deal for around $40. Plus it saved me from making it up myself. 15 minute install tops.
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    Link for the harness would be nice..
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  7. Quick Buick

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    FWIW guys this type of harness is a very nice improvement to the headlight system that the manufacturers put in their cars&trucks.. I removes the hi voltage heat from the headlight switch...(Melting)

    I do encourage you to read the Danial Stern link below
    DS also sells E-code lights that are also a huge improvement over the the DOT crap lights you get at the auto parts store...

    T-3 light are real cool for authenticity in your classic but they are not very good in comparison to E-codes
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    okay thanks fellas, now we are getting to something that'll suit my purposes in the land DownUnder.
    1. fitting relays to the existing lights will give some boost in lighting performance and I can work my way up from there...
    One more thing my lights are GUIDE so would be originals? or are repro GUIDE available...If originals its best I get them out to ward off risk of breakage.
    Although I know fro experience that sealed beams that dont get use, will burn out when used after a period of inactivity.
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    Just received the last of my order to update my headlights as op's did. Hoping for a great turn out....
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    Best upgrade yet. Installation was easy with no mods whats so ever. Wire harness is a must for a plug and play. Will need to see if they are aim right tonight.
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  11. rjm

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    Manny, glad it went well for you ! I found it a painless install also. I had to bring all 4 lamps up about 2 inches to match where the originals were pointed.
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    Yeah, i to had to make some adjustments. Really loving the light output versa the OEM.
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    Nice setup...

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