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Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by StfSocal, May 22, 2019.

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    It definitely can't hurt.

    I didn't use any but I also don't recall seeing remnants of any.

    I did use little round seals that I got from (I think) Heartbeat City to replace the worn out ones behind the firewall box where the studs slide in from inside.
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    Ya I looked at the pictures of the box when I first removed it and there is some evidence of sealant of some kind. I'll glue the foam one on and slap it in there this weekend hopefully. I will have to look at the firewall in detail to see if there is anything on there. I don't remember seeing any type of little round seals, but who knows. There aren't any in the kit i got, that's for sure.
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    Thanks Brett!

    Ya it appears the sealing compound is indicated on the blower/air inlet cover. On the AC cars (since the evap box is housed in there) that does require a sealant. On the AC evap box I’m going to be using the strip caulk. I was actually taking about between the heater box under the dash and the firewall, inside the cab. That’s where I found a foam seal that fits in my seal kit.

    Still didn’t see any little round seals in the pictures I took during disassembly. I’ll have to look in my assembly manual.
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    So it appears that there is no seal between the heater box and the firewall. The firewall pad acts as a seal. So I guess I have to decide it I want a new firewall pad. Seems fine so I might be ok. Don’t really want to have to rip a bunch of stuff out from under the dash.

    As for those stud seals, the AC box in the engine bay shows 4 seals for the 4 studs. However they differ from the ones without AC. So not sure if the ones from that site will work.

    I forgot I need to get some vacuum lines before I mount the box.

    Also need to locate two screws that can mount the distribution duct to the heater box. I don’t seem to have any that will work. The car was missing that piece when I got it.
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