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  1. elan71

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    My name is Daniel and I'm from Switzerland.
    I love classic cars. In the past, my favorites where British classic cars. But in these days I found the US cars and I like them more and more. Nothing sounds better then a V8!
    One of my favorites are the 65 Riviera. I hope I will own one in the future. Fantastic design.
    I do most of the car work by myself. I have space and the tools and I like it. I can learn a lot and it refresh my daily business brain, you know...
    I will read a lot here and learn. Thank you.
    Greetings from Switzerland
  2. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    Hi Daniel and welcome from Canada. This is the place for Buicks, hang on and enjoy the ride.
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  3. gsfred

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    Welcome aboard from NY.
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  4. flynbuick

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    I have experienced the streets of Zurich and the beauty of Lucerne. You live in a great place.
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    Welcome aboard! :cool:
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  6. Bad Boattail

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    Hopefully there will be an edition of "American Live" in 2019, organised by the Friday Night Cruisers [​IMG]

    "American Live" is the biggest American car show in your country, really worth while to visit!

    There is a Buick club in Switzerland, I've attended a few of their yearly meetings in the past.
    Friendly bunch of old geezers! [​IMG]

    Here's a Swiss 1965 Riviera (Uri registration) I came across at ''American Live'' in Zuchwil, back in 2005:


    Speedometer is in KPH, this car was built in Biel/Bienne:


    Shame about the mirrors... [​IMG]


    Same car in 2006, same location in CH:

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  7. elan71

    elan71 Member

    Hi Erik
    Thank you for your replay. Yes, this is a very nice car. I saw this also on pictures but never live, unfortunatley.
    We have here a lot of US cars shows. More and more. And I bet, it will be even more. Especially here around Zurich, since the tax for classic cars is very cheap with CHF 400, indipendent from the eninge size. In the past big engines where very expensive here.
    Are you living in Switzerland?
  8. Bad Boattail

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  9. Bad Boattail

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    And in Italy this car is for sale, the asking price is 45,000.00 / US$ 50,982.25
    Click image to view the advertisement [​IMG]

  10. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Too bad: the other week this 1965 Riviera was for sale in the Netherlands, on a website similar to Craigslist in the US.
    "VERLOPEN" means expired.
    Can't find the car on their own website, so it's probably sold:


    Dutch registration, Ivory White, Camel interior, drives very well, needs some TLC.
    Asking price: 13,950.00 / US$ 15,805.57


    Found more photos of the car:

    Click photo to view an in-cache page of the original advertisement [​IMG]
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  11. elan71

    elan71 Member

    Thank you all, very interesting.
    Sebastian is a dreamer, I don't think someone will pay that much.
    The car from Italy looks cool. But without the yellow stripes. I like the factory style and any modification are not my thing.
    The white one looks interesting. Even white is not my favorite collor for a Riv. It tepends how much rust the car have. Could be interesting.
    We have here in Switzerland 2 Riviera vor sell.
    This one:
    This is one of 454 Riv withthe A8 option, but not a Gran Sport. Interesting car, but in bad condition.
    Is this one really so special? What do you think?

    This one is also interesting:
    This one is nice. Not the original engine anymore, but a nice color combo. A little expensive.
    I think I will take a look at this.
    What do you think?

    Go ahead, I f you find something in Europe, let me know. ;-)
    Or US is also no problem for me.....
    Thank you.
  12. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Yes, if it's an original "A8" 1965 Riviera, it's rarer than the GS models.
    Read this, it's from an article published in the March, 2005 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines:

    Buick also introduced the Riviera Gran Sport or GS package-option code A9-in 1965, on several cars throughout its line, including the Skylark, the Wildcat and the Riviera.
    Our featured 1965 Buick Rivera Gran Sport is owned by Dick Sweeney, of Alpine, California, a technical advisor for the Rivera Owners Association and Buick Club of America. He's done his homework on these cars, and has owned nearly 20 over the years.

    Out of 34,586 Rivieras built in 1965, only 3,354 were ordered with option code A9.

    Sweeney cautions prospective Riviera Gran Sport buyers that there is little to identify a true Gran Sport car, so it's best to find one that has all its Gran Sport equipment intact. There is no Gran Sport identifier in the vehicle identification number.
    Referred to affectionately as the "nailhead" due to the shape and size of the valves and their configuration, the 425-cu.in. V-8 was stout, if not dated, even in 1965. The engine's original design debuted in 1953, and was due to be replaced in the 1967 model year by the new 400/430 with valves in a more traditional V-configuration. That said, the 1965 425 received a few updates including stronger webbing around the main bearings and tighter-sealing piston rings. The 425 is heavily based on the 401-cu.in. V-8, with an 1/8-inch increase in bore, allowing most of the engine internals to carry over. All 425-cu.in. V-8s feature a unique camshaft, however, with more conservative valve timing. All Riviera Gran Sports feature a dual four-barrel, 600cfm Carter AFB carburetor setup.

    Complicating the identification of these cars is the fact that there were 454 standard 1965 Rivieras built with the twin four-barrels.

    The Gran Sport 425 was good for an easy 360hp and 465-lbs.ft. of torque at just 2,800 rpm. Coded LX by Buick, the 425 features 10.25:1 compression and has hydraulic lifters. Both the block and heads are cast iron. Riviera Gran Sports breathe through cast-iron exhaust manifolds, into a special 21/4-inch dual exhaust system that was laminated to control noise. The standard Riviera had duals, but with only 2-inch pipes.
  13. Bad Boattail

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    There was an eBay action in the UK for a model year 1965 Riviera.
    Not sure if it sold, auction ended today:

    Click image to view eBay listing [​IMG] (scroll down on the page)

    This looks like another '65 Riviera with the A8 option, check the air cleaner and decal:
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  14. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    Welcome from Massachusetts!
  15. elan71

    elan71 Member

    Thank you Erik
    Very special color at the UK car. Looks like it is sold....
    interesting anyway...
  16. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Daniel, did you check out the car in the link above yet?
  17. elan71

    elan71 Member

    No, not yet.
    It's winter time here and the streets are salty now. I'm not under pressure and if I'm near by I will make a stop there.
    Price is also a little high.

    I also found this one:
    As I see from the bad pictures, the compressor is missing and some other air condition components. Original steering wheel is missing to. Unfortunately, they don't send me any pictures or informations about the numbers. If it's a real Gran Sport, then it could be interesting.
    I'm too far away.....
  18. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    "Located in Port Charlotte, FL."
    Daniel, I'm pretty sure that if you are really interesed, one of the Florida board members is willing to check the car out for you.

    Board member "My3Buicks" (Keith) is living not far from Port Charlotte:
    V8 Board members map of the world [​IMG]
  19. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    Welcome from west Michigan.
  20. elan71

    elan71 Member

    @ Jerry, thank you very much.

    @Erik, because of your input, I took the possibility yesterday to visit the dark red one Riv. I was on the road for business and not so far away from that car.
    I made a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, it was not possible to drive, because of the weather. Wow, it shows me once more the 65 Riviera is such a cool car, unbelievable.
    Yes, I'm interested to buy a 65 Riviera, but I'm not under pressure. Of course, I have a family and they want to discuss as well, you know. My wife says, if I want to buy a new classic, I must sell another one. What a stupid idea. But, what can I say....
    Back to the car I saw yesterday. Honest speaking, the color is not that nice in original as I thought. OK, the car was outside and full of dust. The interieur is like new. Very nice.
    There are a lot of rust bubble at the rear fender below. Some scratches at the passenger door and at the rear right and left fender. Some rust repair was done on the floors.
    The engine is a matching numbers engine, as the transmission is. The engine has a new head from a Gran Sport with the dual carbs. Engine and trans was rebuild in 2012. Air-condition is not working. Radio is not working too. Everything else is working as it should.
    The price includes all rust repair and part paint shop. If I make it by myself, he would give me the car 10 grands cheaper as he is.
    The car was originally a silver car and has now this red paint. This is something I'm not so happy with. I'm an originally guy. I still think, the price for a non-GS Riviera is high in this condition. On the other hand, it is not easy to find a nice one here. I don't know….

    Regarding the Florida, car, I just wrote them another mail for pictures. But no response until now. Well, if someone have time from the board an has know how, it would be cool. If not, I can arrange also an official PPI for the car. I try to find out if this is possible with the auction house. I also don't know, if I must pay an additional fee or not because of an auction house.
    I keep the ball running, but without any pressure.

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