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  1. Hello my name is Nic. Been lurking for a lil bit now. I’m finally on the search for my first Old School car after being a Foxbody nut all my life. I have my eyes set on this frame-off/restomodded ‘68 Skylark from Washington. I know the majority of GM-A body guys are Chevelles, but I’m actually glad that the Skylarks aren’t commonly built. Nice to have something different. Plus I really like the lines of the Skylark more than the other GM-A’s, especially the concave rear bumper. Anyways I hope to pick it up soon. I’ve been talking to the seller for almost two months now lol!
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    Welcome aboard from NY
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    Add your first name to your signature, so we will not forget about it [​IMG]

    And we would love to see photos of the Skylark! [​IMG]
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    Welcome aboard! :cool:
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    Welcome from Montana!
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  6. Thanks for the welcome folks! It’s not actually mine just yet, but here’s the original ad.
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  7. I have a bunch of pictures from the build up. Painted Corvette Cyber Grey Metallic. Builder/seller has a busy work schedule, but needs some time to work on a interior light issue/popping fuses before I make the road trip up to Washington. Has all new wire harness thruout so it shouldn’t be too bad.
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    Welcome from sunny Massachusetts :)

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    Rocklin? LOL - Roseville's stepchild! (I'm in Roseville). :p:D Welcome Nic.
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    Welcome Nic from Washington State!
    Good lookin' Skylark!
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    Welcome! ...and I'm totally on-board with the concept of wanting "something different" than the pack... which is why I'm not only into Buick's but also Triumph motorcycles.
  12. Ok, finally heading out there next week! Our schedules are good to go and so is the car. He fixed the interior light issue (shorted relay) and had a fresh alignment done. Only has 360 miles on the clock since finished. Looks really good from all the pics/vids I got so far. Hope it’s the same in person.
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    Remember, when buying a car offer low and go up in small increments. Dont talk down the car just offer low. Good luck. I too like the 68/69 Larks
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    Interior light relay?...[​IMG]
  15. Yeah IDK exactly, it was popping fuses even without the light hooked up. All new wire harness thruout the car. Said it wasn’t too bad. Traced it wire by wire and figured it out.
  16. Doo Wop

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    Howdy from Ontario Canada.
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  17. Here’s some build up pics. Hope it’s not too many :| 720FAD03-33B7-435C-8E7A-4EAE2DA7E390.jpeg


    Only metal replaced was the cowl panel. Everything else was pretty solid. A4CEF958-C6B1-48A8-828A-C7868361D181.jpeg



    Some rust repair/filling around the rear window and bottoms of both quarters.
  18. Rear fenders were opened up a little to fit some bigger shoes. Very subtle. I couldn’t even tell until he mentioned it. You can see the line scribed around the fenders.

    41C4CA94-EE09-4EEE-936F-CCC72E6F43AC.jpeg 5CDD19F9-EC51-4207-96AB-93DE65D9800F.jpeg

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