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Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by 1971GSFAN, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. 1971GSFAN

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    This is not Buick but is for my boat, can someone with an interchange manual tell me what this small block chebby is?

    V0407PJC is the stamping on the front passenger pad. I know it was made april of 1987 but can't find the PJC suffix anywhere. I got this engine as a replacement for my boat and want to know what it is. I think iot is a 210 hp trk engine which will work for now. The engine was rebuilt prior to me buying it and my stepdad can't remember whats in it. He says it was a stock 30 over build but doesn't remember what stock was.:Do No:
    Thanks for any help
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    chevy ID go to in the site they have how to ID all blocks chevy by numbers, you may have, they will tell you also where other numbers are on the block. I did a 327 to the day it was made and vehicle came from. they are ones on chev motors. hope helps
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    I know the "V" is for the flint plant . 04 is for April , 07 is the 7th day of April . PJC ?????????

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