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    [h=5]I had a conference call with various heads of different department at the Hotel and they are excited and looking forward to our arrival. It is only 50 days away. This Hotel has been a pleasure to work with.
    They had discontinued the Drink coupon program for those that are staying but as we had an agreement they will still provide the coupons. The Hotel will also providing restaurant coupons for both those staying at Hotel as well as those visiting for parking lot festivities.
    They will also be providing a shuttle bus to go to the Hampton Inn, and the Holiday Inn for those that partake and do not want to drive. This will start at 7pm Thursday and Friday Night ending at Midnight
    They will be providing onsite security and the Hampton Inn will also have Security.
    The City of Newark will be blocking off the street in front of Hotel to thru Traffic for our cruise in on Thursday and Friday Night. the Hotel has also notified local bushiness of this and it is not a problem as they will be closed anyway.
    The Friday night live Band and BBQ are still a go this is not to be missed

    There are few other surprises but you have to be there to find out...

    as always the BPG tries to provide the best Buick Experience both on and off the track.

    Sorry for long post but I am pumped as well as the other Directors about this event[/h]
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    Sweet!! Can't wait!
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    Sean, Thank You and all the BPG folks that organize this event. I know it is a VERY big undertaking, and you guys go out of the way to make it fun for everyone.
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    I will be a first time attendee, and I am pumped as well. It sounds like an awsome and fun event. From what I have read so far both here and the BPG site you have put alot of thought, time, and effort into this event and covered many numerious details, like even down to the host hotel having a car wash area. Look forward to meeting you and all the other folks!
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    Man I wish i still lived up North sometimes

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