How About A Lamborghini Countach

Discussion in 'The "Other" Bench' started by Bluzilla, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Bluzilla

    Bluzilla a.k.a. "THE DOCTOR"

    Just wondering if any of you have seen my friend Ken Imhoff's hand built masterpiece!!! He was just at my shop last week returning some stainless moldings he had polished for one of my projects when he mentioned his web sight is up and running A few of you may have remembered he and his wife Eileen, would attend the GS Nationals with my wife an I. He was the one with the red & black, Ford Duelly sporting the Lamborghini sign across the back window. They joined us 2 years, I believe 1996 & 1997. He was a tremendous help and inspiration the whole time, pitching in and helping wrench, and Eileen partnered with my wife Tina to prepare 5 star track cousine. If you check out the picture of my cold air system in the Race 455 section titled Bluzilla's Return, you will see Ken's aluminum work. I designed it, made a cardboard mock-up, gave it to him, and it fit like a factory option. I journied many times into the infamous basement over the last 17 years, every time I did it was an absolute mind bending experience. One of the last times down there he fired it up without the removable resonators, and without the 3-1/2" flex tubes that normally exited the exhaust out one of the basement windows. Needless to say, a 7500 or-so rpm blast can sure clear out your cobwebs! He's taking on customer projects now that the basement is empty, you may want to have him fab something. Nobody does it better, NOBODY. Larry
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  2. sailbrd

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    Make me feel like a Kindergartner. What a craftsman.
  3. BuickBuddy

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    Is this the one built in his basement? I saw all the pics. He had to dig a trench and cut the basement wall out and drag it up into his yard. :TU:
  4. Bluzilla

    Bluzilla a.k.a. "THE DOCTOR"

    Thats the one.
  5. 1967GS340

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    That man is an artist. I can't even begin to imagine a project like that. It came out very nice.
  6. 70 gsconvt

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    Truly an awsome looking car. I have thought about a Countach or Murcielago kit car with a SBB.
  7. Bluzilla

    Bluzilla a.k.a. "THE DOCTOR"

    Just got word from Ken that he sold his car today and its on its way to Miami this morning. He's knee deep into a radical Studebaker build at this time. Thought I would attach a few photos I took while I had it in my shop for work on the Weber carburetors, valve stem seal replacement, and oil pressure issues.


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