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Discussion in 'Virus news and updates' started by Jim Weise, Mar 21, 2020.

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    Anti-viral study in France suggests that an effective treatment is at hand.

    The evidence is mounting. Make no mistake about it, this combo of medications will be used in "live trials" all over the world. There will be no pause here to "process the paperwork". It has it's risks, but has to be done.. We hope it goes well.

    This study suggests it may.


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  3. Jim Weise

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  5. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    2 months in, US Virus is mainly contained in 3 hot spots on the coasts. Most of the country is in some form lock-down. 4 States have advised all nonessential workers to stay home. Many more states have closed bars, restaurants and any place else that people congregate.

    I missed Weds night bowling last week... the alley is closed until at least March 27. Like most of you, all our eating, drinking and entertainment establishments are closed.. even gyms and hair salons.. Glad I got my hair cut last week! Our schools are out until at least April, possibly for the year. All Colleges are shut down. Many workers who can work from home, are doing so.

    Here in MN, we have 115 cases, and no deaths as of today... Information reported on March 19... we had 89 confirmed cases, with only 7 hospitalizations, and no deaths. 24 of those people have completely recovered, and are out of isolation.

    Detractors of this outlook will point to limited testing.

    The low number of confirmed tests, 115 in MN with 3885 tests done is encouraging. Low rate of infection, and low rates of serious illness.

    Actual infections is unknown, because the virus can be present with no symptoms, and we are not testing asymptomatic people typicality. Simply put ,these folks are not sick, and it's likely we will never know the real extent of this. While this will depress the number of reported infections, it also decreases the hospitalization and mortality rates.

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  6. breakinbuick11

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    PA releases new stats every day at noon EST. 371 positive cases, roughly 3500 negative. The bad: it was 268 positive yesterday and 2500 tested. The good: test results are coming back much quicker and show steady increases so far (roughly 100 positive per 1000 negative, or 1 in every 10)

    we unfortunately have 2 deaths as of 12:00 of writing this. I feel confident enough in our states approach shutting down all “non life sustaining businesses”.
  7. GSX10/10

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    Thanks Jim, that is indeed some good news and do think things are going to turn around for the positive soon.
  8. Mister T

    Mister T Just truckin' around

    Truck drivers are considered essential to the economy, and are working their tails off moving the goods we need every day. We're considered low risk for infection given the isolationist job tendencies. That said, we also use truck stops and some other facilities. The truck stops I've visited have taken extraordinary sanitary measures. Most have closed their sit down restaurants, but have either take out food, or hot deli food available. Some states have closed rest areas, or closed the buildings, but allow parking. PA has done this, and has placed porta-potties on site.

    I worked today, but have taken the next 10 days as vacation. It's strange seeing so few four wheelers on the interstates. If you see a truck driver, thank them for their work, and please yield when they need to merge onto the highway!
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  11. flynbuick

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    The Nevan Krogan, University of San Francisco approach to finding a temporary treatment:

    "A handful of scientists across the globe are working around the clock to determine whether there is an existing drug that could temporarily fight the novel coronavirus.

    One of those scientists says they could know in as little as a week if that's truly possible..."

    Watch the video piece for an excellent explanation of exploring the efficacy of all existing drugs.
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  12. flynbuick

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    Dr Scott Gottlieb ( was just on TV and made some interesting points that I am sharing based on my best recollection:

    • The Corona 19 outbreak may peak as soon as April but the tail off period would extend until the summer--maybe June or July;

    • Vigilance will be needed to prevent another outbreak in the fall;

    • Transmission through contaminated surfaces is more and more of concern since this virus appears to be able to live on various surfaces for long periods of time (later someone said for cardboard 24 hours; longer for other surfaces); and

    • He addressed the above-referenced French study by saying that there still is no proven effective drug; that in the French study of only 20 persons showed that a nose swab of 6 of the 20 contained fewer virus numbers, but this could only mean that shedding is reduced, as opposed to this protocol being effective at treating the underlying symptoms of the disease. More study will be needed and performed.

    I yield to the accuracy of any transcript of this interview that you can find.
  13. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    I wonder if the patients who showed fewer virus cells, had a marked improvement in their recovery. One would assume so, but frankly, I have not heard about that.
    If that is the case, and they did get better sooner, then we are talking about methodology vs outcome.

    At this moment, "does it work" is a much more important question than " how it works".

    We will fine out soon, Clinical trials start on Tuesday in NY...

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  14. rmstg2

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    More good news, a 90 year old woman has survived the corona virus. What is even more amazing is, she had just recovered from a stroke, she is a resident of a rest home in Kirkland Wa. I don't know for sure if it is the rest home that was hard hit earlier!

    Bob H.
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    More good news, no one is complaining about the weather!
  16. GSX10/10

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    Keep in mind that even though the virus was detected on surfaces for extended periods of time, that same report also should a significant reduction in potency after a number of hours. So even if the virus was detected on a surface after 48 hours, it's potency level was much less and no gaurantee that one would become infected.
  17. bigtorque5

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    dr oz was just anouncing that the maleria drug and zpac cures the virus,has already approved years ago,so will be available from your doctor
  18. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oz, or your interpretation, is confusing approval of existing drugs designed for other purposes with getting permission with a protocol to use a drug off-label for a non approved purpose.

    I think that you will see that his optimism is coming from the French study discussed above. It has already been addressed by Drs Fauci and others as anecdotal.
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  19. bigtorque5

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    your info is inaccurate,as alot of yours has been,your posts have been confusing and full of incorrect techical info and generally negative!
  20. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    This has already been debunked here several times. I refer you to the several posts discussing it. Try to focus on information provided by the actual scientists and not those of TV personalities and politicians.
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