how high becomes the level in a th400 after sitting long long time.

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  1. bronze-boattail

    bronze-boattail from belgium witlof

    when a car is parked level, and is sitting two to six months, how high will the th400's fluid become in the end? i know the fluid returns over time from the convertor , and i think it starts to leak just after that happens . will this level be above the pan gasket , above the shifter shaft hole and the electric connector hole? or is it overfilled if that happens?
    i just replaced these gaskets and seals to find the leak in a bad leaking trans, i didnt filled up the trans , just start working on it and when i pulled the connector a little fluid came out. the leaked fluid on the floor over time was by then more than 2 pint. i tested the trans just putting it in gears while idling and it worked fast .
    i know the fluid returns over time from the convertor , and i think it starts to leak the baddest just after that happens maby i just over filled the tranny all the time ? or does that seals do have to hold the leveled fluid?
  2. Bens99gtp

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    It will return fluid, every converter is slightly different, bigger diameter converters hold more fluid.

    Did you replace the shifter shaft seal and the oring around the electrical plug....these are common leak spots
  3. bronze-boattail

    bronze-boattail from belgium witlof

    yes i just replaced both, didnt drive it since, i believe i will have to level it up after warm up and see if it leaks again , . its all stock , new alu pan and gasket,
  4. LARRY70GS

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    The level will be well above the gasket surface normally, especially after shut down when the converter drains back.
  5. wkillgs

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    The dipstick tube o-ring is another that needs to be checked/replaced.

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