How to find park,reverse,neutral

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    So my build is 63 skylark I put a buick 350 engine with a th400 transmission in it right now its on car stands n the wheel spins freely my question is that i don' know if transmission is in park or in a gear it' a automatic tranny so in can install shifter linkage right i was thinking turning on the car n give it a lil bit of gas see is the tire spins faster or if it doesn't or backwards any ideas
  2. RG67BEAST

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    Take the rod out. From park to reverse is a longer span than 1st to 2nd. Pretty sure cranking the trans linkage forward is park..
  3. Briz

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    Believe park is all the way back. Just push the linkage all the way back and see if it looks up the wheels. If so great! if not then go all the way fwd. Once you find it simply count clicks. P R N D 2 1
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    This help? Sorry for the lousy quality.. ws

    Scan012, November 06, 2013.jpg

    Scan013, November 06, 2013.jpg

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