How to make the 68 Riviera stiffer and lower?

Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by Sebastian, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Sebastian

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    What can I do to make the suspension of my 68 Riviera a little bit lower and the whole suspension stiffer? Every corner the car plunge in deep so I can't drive fast corners.

  2. Briz

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    heavy sway bars and lowering springs. Eaton spring in Michigan made mine to order.
  3. telriv

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    A 2.5 turns lock-lock steering box. In stock. Front & rear sway bars I can have available. Bilstein Shocks which I also have available. PLUS front & rear suspension parts & upgrades.

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  5. Lucy Fair

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    DSC_0591.JPG I am riding front addco swaybar, new replacement springs if i recall 5030 moog, rear springs from 1996 roadmaster and billstein b6 all around. I have also made rear control arms from aluminum with qa1 SS rod ends on one end and spohn rotojoints on the other. You will also need adjustable panhard bar with uniballs aswell. Don't even think about polybushings, they ruin the ride, no actuation what so ever. I also made me some delrin bushings in the upper fronts. Riv can kill almost any modern gti on curvy road. One more thing IMO is that the rear swaybar offered by addco is to much, car starts to have to much oversteer. And last but not least u need a lot of rubber 295 rear, 275 front.

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