id ing a real stage 1 fuel pump.

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    Just read in my latest GSXtra news letter about some AC Delco Stage 1 fuel pumps that the GSCA have for sale. Richard states that not all deep canister pumps deliver the Stage 1 rated 7 psi. But he says the real ones are easy to identify. What are the identifiers on these guys. Is it a pressure test, a part number or a physical difference??
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    Factory Stage 1 fuel pumps have the AC insignia on the top side where the arm is the aftermarkets due not.
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    Stage 1 pumps also had a cam pad on the end of the actuator arm. I use to get them from from a GM dealer. I found out that the Pierce Company was making them, it's been sometime now but I do believe they supplied AC Delco. Both the AC Delco and Pierce pumps had stopped supplying pumps with cam pads on the arms. We were getting complaints that some of our AC Delco's pumps would not make pressure or at times even pump fuel. It was a hit or miss. I started checking into this here at TA as to what the effects of the lack of a cam pad had on the pump. I will save the details but there was an issue. I presented to the Pierce engineers and I was told I was the only one complaining. I mentioned that the lack of a cam pad needed to be compensated for when assembled. They blew me off. So I gathered up multiple pumps with and without the pads, timing cover plus a drawing of the cover and the eccentric on the camshaft and sent it to the Pierce engineer. Time passed and one day I got a call from the Pierce company, we talked awhile and this time he said the pump could be effected. He agreed to make TA pumps with the cam pad, problem was no one offered that arm, it had to be made. Here is the kicker, they would not just fix there pump, reason was, I was still there only complaint. They made a new part number with a CP at the end that designated, cam pad. They made these special for TA Performance. AC Delco pumps continued on without a cam pad, TA's were to spec. The Pierce company has now closed shop missing the 100 year mark by a year or so. Our current pumps do not have a cam pad but I expressed the calibration issue with there engineers. Samples were sent to us and Michael and I test them on our GSX. Multiple pumps were tested for pressure, which to my surprise passed. These were the first pumps without a cam pad that were consistent from pump to pump in testing. That's the pumps we sell today. TA1534B
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    Thanks Mike
    that is very interesting and informative and good to know where to get a good replacement, cheers.............Cole

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