Is IGN terminal at fuse box fused?

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    Maybe this is a dumb question, but I need confirmation - the IGN terminal at the fuse box is not fused by one of those glas fuses, right? At least this is my assumption, out of the wiring diagrams I have I was not able to come up with an educated conclusion...
    Means, whatever I connect to that terminal I should take care of a proper fuse?

    If that is correct, what fuse rating would I choose for a wire going to the Pertronix Ignitor Module in the distributor? 5Amps should do it, or?
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    Thanks Larry, I read that thread.
    coil + terminal is still attached to the original pink wire, only the pertronix module gets always 12V, so I run an additional wire from the IGN terminal to the module. I know what you recommend, but I just did not want to touch the wire connector on the fire wall or the original engine wiring harness.
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