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    A couple Sundays ago I had a great time meeting "dicksgs", aka Joe and his son. Joe texted me just before I left my summer home in Virginia, wanting to buy my 69 GS400 frame. I sold him an awesome frame and threw in the A-arms for 250 dollars. As we were texting back and forth during the week he told me he and his son wanted to visit Virginia Military Institute. I cracked up and texted him back that my son went there, my nephew went there, my brother in-law went there, and his father went there. So Joe gets to my house. Joe is a big guy. His son is a big guy. He tells me his son is Captain of his high school football team. No kidding. They're big dudes! Joe and his son were strapping down the frame on their trailer and he's making small talk. Joe says, "So where in South Florida are you from?" I tell him I live in West Palm Beach. Joe looks at me and says, "My mom lives in West Palm Beach." I said, "OK, West Palm Beach is the BIG town I'm close to." "I really live in Palm Springs." Joe stops ratcheting on the strap and says, "My mom lives in Palm Springs!" After they're finished strapping the frame down Joe looks up his mom's address. She literally lives a couple blocks from me! Joe tells me, "When I'm down there we go to St. Luke's Church. I tell him my family goes to St. Luke's Church! Joe tells me him and his son are coming down either late November or early December to go fishing. I told him, "You better stop by and have a beer, check out my Buicks, and meet my family!" He said he would. Joe and son, if you read this the invite is always open!!! Really great people!!!
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    Great Story!!! ;)

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