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  1. jim

    jim Well-Known Member

    Are the 350 out of a 1970 jeep the same as a 350 in a 1970 skylark Could you swap a 350 from jeep to skylark
  2. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Yes, the basic engine is the same. I have been told that the exhaust manifolds are different on the Jeep Buick 350s than the cars.

    You could bolt in any Buick 350 from 68-80.
  3. jim

    jim Well-Known Member

    Thanks sean
  4. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC


    I've had 5-6 350v8 engine's from either brand, I started out with the early 1968-69 Buick engine in my 1970 J-3000 Gladiator with the different rockers. Now I'm running a 1972 Buick engine with the later rockers.

    Everything bolts up the same, only difference Jeeps had over Buicks was the auto transmissions TH400 in the Jeeps compared to your TH350 trans. Jeep trucks & Wag's had the adapter ring to connect the TH400 A/T to the engine block.

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  5. BlueSky

    BlueSky Gold Level Contributor

    just saw this. I'm not sure about the exh manifolds, have to check... but the '71 and up water pump is a bit longer on the buick engine, I have a '69 gladiator with a '72 350 swapped in and when a motor mount failed the fan ate into the radiator due to being too close. other two Glads, including parts truck have their original engines with the shorter water pump (and non-pushrod oiling) I'll have to look at the exh. manifold casting numbers....
  6. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    I didn't know there were differences in the water pump width from the engine, I've had the same thing happen with my radiator getting damaged from a bad motor mount. Currently have a custom 4-core radiator, with the damaged 4th row of the radiator tubes sniped and soldered where the damage had happened.

    I thought the clutch fan was what determined the gap between the radiator and fan. Just had to shop for the right clutch fan assy. I'm about 1/2" to 3/4" away from radiator now.

  7. BlueSky

    BlueSky Gold Level Contributor

    I don't think the jeeps had a clutch fan originally, always a nice upgrade, though. mine have the solid four blade fans that a non-AC buick without heavy duty cooling would have. I'll have to measure the depth difference between the two......
  8. sonspringer

    sonspringer Member

    Wow, this is some useful information about 350. I didn’t know that the engine of the 1970 jeep is replaceable with 1970 skylark. I guess one has to do some mod on the engine before installing it on skylark.
  9. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    Actually 1968 thru 1971 Kaiser Jeep/ AMC Jeep Wagoneer & Gladiator trucks had as an option of the Buick 350v8's along with the Jeep 6 Cyl.
    and after AMC purchased Kaiser Willys Jeep in Feb. 1970,
    AMC Jeep installed 360v8's, but continued to install the remaining contract of Buick engines. I forget the Jeep 350 v8 engine codes on the block.
    All Jeep 350v8 engines had a 9.0:1 compression ratio.


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