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  1. bmcmillan

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    Is the transmission a mate/match?

    1967 Jeep J3000 327 Vigalanti motor w/ 3spd on tree to a
    1972 Buick 350

    The 327 does not run...wondering how hard it would be to transplant
    a Buick 350 motor into the jeep with hopes the motor, transmission bolt
    He also has a 1966 Jeep heavy half with a 327 vigalanti motor w/3spd
    on floor. Will that bolt together? (to the 350 Buick motor)

    Or bottom line, I need a different transmission.
    Would the transfer case be an issue for a different transmission?
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  2. BBBB64lark

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    Swapping from the rambler 327 to the Buick 350 or even 455 is not impossible, but not a direct swap. I have performed a swap on 2 different 67 J-trucks. Both were 327 3 speeds. You will need the frame horns/motor mounts from a Buick powered Jeep or make your own which is not that tough either. I do not believe there are any bellhousings to put the 3 speed on the Buick engine. There are 2 options you could go with that I know work using factory parts. 1=find all the parts to put a T18 4 speed in(bellhousing, flywheel, clutch linkage, and specific T18 with correct input shaft, adaptor for trans to transfer case). I hunted all that down "once" and found it was very tough to find and expensive. 2=T400 short shaft auto and adaptor to mount the T20 transfer case. T400's are easy to find for Buick bolt pattern and the T-case adaptors are readily available from any J-truck that had a T400 and a T20 case. That combo was used alot through the early to mid 70's on Buick powered trucks and the earlier years of the AMC power.
  3. bmcmillan

    bmcmillan Dented Hood Tach

    Thank you ..... for the reply.
    excellent information you have shared.
    Also sent you a PM.

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