John Wayne raisin double L hockey sticks? YES!!!

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    Sorry about the foreign dubs at end but the 455 SD or HO does most of the talking! Don't know why you never hear or see this movie,always loved it. Especially this clip and the back room gun range with trash can scene. Thank you Mister Wayne! Good stuff!
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  2. Briz

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    Dig the Shaq music during the chase. Did know JW spoke French!
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    If he had,had this his Western movies would have been like 30 minutes long!:eek::cool::D

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    OH! & btw don't try and steal the Dukes ride, OR spray and pray at him, unless you just want to do it ONCE!


    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    You have the right to remain silent.........FOREVER
  6. Philip66

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    Did you spot the tail lights of a blue Buick near the beginning before he even gets out of the parking lot?

    And you’re right Fritzee, that self-cleaning Poncho does all the relevant talking anyway!
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Morning Glen! "self cleaning" lol you are right!
    Also noticed a "slight delay" on a trash can falling over in marina shootout scene :rolleyes:Edit: Looked again and llooks like the cans were timed pretty right but never seen a magnum do anything more than blase through a thin tin gabage can instead of flying off somewhere lol
    Yes! Spotted the blue maybe 72(?) as he power slid up to that fairly disgruntled ladies car:D
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  8. gstewart

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    engine soundtrack sounds just like that of the Mustang in Bullet!

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Lol Yes! Thank you Gerry I knew it sounded very familiar!
    That aside I did enjoy the power slides and rubber burning but no way that 4 door Plymouth on the beach sound was correct,fortunately that Ingram annihilating the Chevy made up some for the incorrect engine soundtrack:D

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Well guess I have bombarded y'all with enough testosterone driven mayhem. Our little female dog died in my arms yesterday with no one here but me and it busted me up pretty bad, we got her about a month after my wife and mother of our 3 small children at the time was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer & also had spread into her lymph nodes all that in just one year between check-ups.
    We were making a prayer and a atatement that my wife was going to not only make it through this cancer for her husband and 3 small children but also for "Muffin" & a short while later "Max" and praise God my wife pulled through.

    Anyhow I rushed home yesterday to get to hold Muffin for the last time yesterday before she closed her eyes for the last time and buried her under a pecan tree so she could always see those squirrels she loved to bark at "taking her pecans" I would really get her fired up over it "LOOK! they are eating YOUR pecans!". Amazing how a little 10lb doggie like that can steal your heart :')
    Okay,I don't wanna lose my "man card" so back to watching old movies while everyone else is outta town for a week. At least I still have Max and a couple other critters but Muffin, she was a very special one.
    Sorry to be a such a bummer on a Saturday and all
  11. Joe B

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    John, sorry to hear about your dog. I know how rough it is losing a four legged part of the family.

    According to info recently revealed during the hoopla about finding the original Bullitt car, the movie engine soundtrack was supposedly the actual car but, as I recall, at times it sounded like McQueen had a 5-speed in the Mustang. Regardless, and no offense to the Duke, this McQ chase is not in the same league as the McQueen chase. Somehow you’d have to think The King of Cool could catch a bread truck without having his mouth open for most of the run!

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Yeh, I believe John Wayne was about 67 at the time of filming this and had already had one lung and several ribs removed in addition to pneumonia in the one remaining lung on a prior high altitude western movie set where he needed oxygen during the filming and unknown at the time of McQ his cancer had metastasized to his stomach,liver,and spine.
    He and a large majority of a cast and crew contracted multiple types of cancer believed to have originated from 13 weeks of filming in a dusty desert location in the fallout area of many nuclear bomb tests that they were assured by the government was then safe to film on although it had been in the nuclear fall out zone and even livestock was dying in.Then they shipped 60 tons of the "safe" red soil back to Hollywood to finish the movie.

    When I was younger I just figured it was from smoking (couldn't have helped though) but for a one lunged 67 year old man,with an aggressive cancer he did alright whippin around a big block 4 speed GM car I think,he always kinda had the "mouth open"kinda look most of his life I believe anyway but might have been a little more pronounced with what he was working with at that time though.
    Anyhow,love The Duke and what's better than him behind a big block 4 speed burnin rubber & blazing a sub machine gun at the bad guys?:cool:
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    Sorry 'bout your dog John.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Thank you Harold, hope you have been doing well, my friend.

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