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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by stellar, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. stellar

    stellar Well-Known Member

    Going to visit Key west with family soon. Is there anything that is a must see in the Keys? Is there anything for teenagers to do in Key West?
  2. Rrdiesel

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  3. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    Stop by at Mel Fisher's museum to see the gold from the Atocha shipwreck. STAY ON THE MAIN STREETS! Crack Ho's and "Hangsters" abound! Enjoy the A.C. when you can LOL... Use lots of SPF 4000 this time of year. Go to Sloppy Joes for lunch. ws
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  4. dynaflow

    dynaflow shiftless...

    ...totally depends on your interests...history, food, bars, activities...there's something for everyone. Do your internet homework before you go. Best first thing there is ride sightseeing bus, gets you oriented to where everything is. Forget driving in Mallory Square area, and no scoots...less parking than for cars. Parking meters now take card...used to need bag of quarters. Plan each day's activities, strategically park car early and walk to everything. Quit when tired, back to hotel, rest, out again for evening. If you're into saving wildlife, Turtle Hospital on Marathon is worthwhile.

    KW is eclectic, but I don't think you'll be able to appreciate it in summer with heat and tourists. Before retirement, we went every winter to unwind and eat. Restaurants are a moving target, but Sarabeth's was consistently our favorite...
  5. John Codman

    John Codman Platinum Level Contributor

    I agree with the above post. I also think that it depends on your teenagers.
    My folks were lucky with me in that area - I'm interested in just about everything, so boredom wasn't a problem for me, and I wasn't a PITA to my mother (my folks were divorced). One thing you should do is be at the pier at sunset - there will be a crowd, but there are street performers, some of whom are really good and fun to watch. The folks there then watch the sunset and applaud it.
  6. efogs400

    efogs400 Well-Known Member

    The people watching at Sunset is interesting, alcohol abounds, and you will see why.
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  7. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    Get some cubans...cigars that is.

    Driving over the 7 mile bridge is something to experience. But like others have said, it all depends on your interests. It’s another world.
  8. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    How about the OLD 7 mile bridge LOL... ws
  9. dynaflow

    dynaflow shiftless...

    ...yep, Dominique the cat man is worth crowd hassle...:D
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  10. 71GS455N25

    71GS455N25 Silver Level contributor

    Go to Matt's Stock Island restaurant. Its the best around! Hogg's breath is a cool bar and Hemingway's house is a must see!
  11. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

  12. V8Sky

    V8Sky "Scarlett"

    I was there two weeks ago and had a great time with my wife and son. We stayed at Margheritaville hotel on points. Hogsbreath saloon is great, and Captain Tony's was good. There is a ghost tour bus at night, presidential museum, and Hemmingway house. Restaurant next to the southernmost point spot is also good. There was a black late 1970s Trans Am with T tops driving around which looked and sounded awesome.
  13. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    My Grandparents lived in Key West in the 1920’s. The home they owned is still standing and occupied. They left the Keys by rail just before the 1935 Hurricane wiped out the Railroad.
  14. stellar

    stellar Well-Known Member

    It looks like a lot to do for me at least. Not so sure about the 17 year old grandson. Not sure if I should tell him about the crack ho's. he might go looking for them. That is quite some bridge. Thanks I will research what is here and whatever else I can find.
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  15. #7

    #7 Well-Known Member

    8EECFE15-8E03-44FE-A87F-AF5DEB6A27EA.jpeg If one gets up early enough you can get a great photo with your car next to the southern most point, without any tourists. I also liked the day trip to the Dry Tortugas, and President Trumans little White House. The place is exactly as he left it.
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  16. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    Thats a long haul in that '30(31?) model A ! Hope it was cool outside! ws
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  17. sriley531

    sriley531 Big green hunk of $#*^....

    The owner of my company recently went. Based on the pics and videos he sent me, I'm not sure I'm old enough to witness some of the things that went on....

    That said, my dogs name is Hemingway, so you know one thing that I'd have to check out
  18. steve covington

    steve covington Well-Known Member

    Interesting..,. It seems as though NAS Key West is actually more south than the 'official' southernmost point. My brother was stationed there back in the early 70's, and we went to visit. We stayed on the oceanfront, and saw my first ghorseshoe crab... (Lots of them!!!). That was my first airplane trip, and I watched screws coming out of the fuselage (or whatever that area is called) around the engine on that twin prop airplane. I decided then and there that I would NOT be taking air travel as a means of transportation unless required. Needless to say, in my twenty years in the US Navy, I still ended up on quite a few flights...
  19. larkone

    larkone Silver Level contributor

    I have done most of the things stated above in Key West,I also went snorkeling out on the reef,where I saw some really cool fish.
  20. Brandon Cocola

    Brandon Cocola Well-Known Member

    Southern most point and of course you have to try key lime pie even if you don't like it.

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