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    Hello again. My newest question is which kick down cable to use. I'm installing a th350 behind a 455 on a 66 Skylark. I would like to connect it to the carb linkage. I'm going to use the original Rochester carb.
    I was looking at a Lokar KD-2350U kit
    Is this the correct and easiest kit to use. I don't feel like running through a junkyard at this point. Any help or other options is always greatly appreciated. Thank you, john

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    Since the 66 never came with a THM350, and the gas pedal is different, you'll need to use a different cable, and connect it to the carburetor. Try talking to Ken Gies (techg8, Everyday Performance) about modifying the Q jet to run the detent cable. The actuation would be similar to a TV cable on the 2004R.
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    If you're using the stock cast iron intake, there is no room below carb base for the arm to connect the cable to, unless you run a carb spacer. You'd have to run an aftermarket intake.

    I'm running a TH350 in my 66 behind my 455, but I ended up putting the gas pedal out of a later Skylark with the TH350 that had the kickdown cable going to the pedal. That also let me run a throttle cable to the carb.
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    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

  5. jhonjhon

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    That's great. Thank you very much again for your help. Time to go shopping again. John

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