Kurt Kretlow, excellent seller. : )

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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Just received the hood scoops I purchased from Kurt this past weekend.

    He went straight out Monday morning and mailed everything,and provided me the tracking #.

    In addition to that he used the factory fasteners to assemble the scoops & grills so the parts wouldn’t be in the box loose beating themselves to death and took the extra time to bubble wrap the two parts individually and fill the remainder of the box with the same bubble wrap so nothing could even shake loose from the individual packing.

    His price was very fair (two ram air scoops with metal grills and factory fasteners for $109 shipped) AND the parts were all in even better shape than the pictures could “tell”.

    Thank you very much for being a stand up good guy and for the nice parts Kurt.


    John Fritz
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