Laundry detergent for cleaning garage floors

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by 1972Mach1, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Was just cleaning my garage floor the other day and thought I'd share a little trick I came up with for getting rid of oil spills and stains....How I came up with this was a few years back I was renting a house from a property management company. When I went to move out, the driveway had the typical few small stains from oil drips that any normal car over 5 years old would leave. Well, the management company was trying to charge me over $1000 to clean them up (total sham company I came to find out). So I went about the usual: carb clean the spots, brake cleaner, gasoline, Dawn dish soap, Simple Green, Purple Power, industrial strength cleaner, on and on. Finally, as a last ditch while doing a load of laundry, it dawned on me to try the powdered Tide I was using.

    I gave the driveway a light wet down, then sprinkled some powdered Tide on it. I spread it around with a broom and let it soak for about 15 minutes, then lightly wet it again and scrubbed it with the broom. I did that for a bit while I had a couple of beers.....soak, lightly scrub with the broom, wait, soak, lightly scrub....when I did my final rinse, I was amazed. The concrete looked brand new. Totally bright, clean, and oil free. I've been using this trick to clean my garage floor every time since then. As a bonus it leaves the garage smelling like clean laundry for a week or two. Just thought I'd share.
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    Not liquid tide only the powder stuff. Yars ago, I used to wash my cars with tide soap until a neighbour (body/paint man) told me not to a tide was hard on the finid=sh).
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    That brought back a memory.Back in the mid 80's when I was 16 I worked at a Good Year store, doing all sorts of crap work. One of the jobs was cleaning the concrete floors every Saturday. I remember using like a 20lb box of tide to do the floors. Man, the mess that I hosed outside was pretty bad. :D
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    I don't believe you, come and do my driveway to prove it:p

    The wife was just on my case wanting to replace our concrete driveway because it looks oldo_O It has some slight spalling but nothing bad, it could use a good cleaning though.
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    I've used powdered Tide several times to clean nasty concrete floors and driveways. The trick is to do it just as Lucas posted. Can't get in a rush.
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  6. Tinny

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    I used to use coke, it worked pretty well.
    Also, handy to have in the garage for oil spills is a bag of cat litter tray stuff.
  7. Briz

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    Ive used powdered laundry soap on my epoxy finished garage floor. Works fast and smells fresh for a week.
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