Leather Work Gloves, Are There Any Good Ones??

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by TorqueMonster1, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. TorqueMonster1

    TorqueMonster1 Making My GS Great Again!

    Guys I have a question. What brand of work gloves are y’all using? And where are you buying them? I’m mainly talking about the leather kind you’d use cutting wood, chopping wood with an axe, digging with a shovel or using post hole diggers. I keep going through them way faster that I think I should be. They just aren’t lasting. OR, should I consider them a disposable tool that is there to protect my hands for a little while and then be thrown out and grab a new pair?? Thanks for reading my post. Mark
  2. kent.gardner

    kent.gardner Well-Known Member

    I seem to burn through them pretty quickly at work as well. Right now they are supplied by the company. I really couldn't steer you in the right direction of what works best or is the most cost effective, but they don't seem to hold up like they used to.
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  3. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    I get a year or so out of Mechanix gloves avaliable at the parts stores, tool trucks etc
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  4. Lee Bacon

    Lee Bacon Well-Known Member

    Just don't buy the orange ones unless you like orange hands......lol
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  5. rogbo

    rogbo Gold Level Contributor

    The only kind of glove I know about you get at Golf Galaxy! :D
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  6. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    Go to a welding supply shop and try some TIG gloves. You can pick up a hooke (er dime) with them... ws
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  7. 70skylark350

    70skylark350 Well-Known Member

    they original Mechanix Wear gloves are great. You can throw them in the washing machine and they come out like new.
  8. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    Mechanix were always the best, but right now I just wait for harbor freight to have a sale on their "hardy" brand for $1.99/pair and I'll buy 5 sets. Just toss them when they're worn out.
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  9. Taulbee2277

    Taulbee2277 Silver Level contributor

    Indeed, seem to hold up a while and I don't feel bad destroying them.
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  10. TexasT

    TexasT Texas, where are you from

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  11. TorqueMonster1

    TorqueMonster1 Making My GS Great Again!

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree that they don’t seem to last like they used to. I’ve got a pair of Mechanix gloves I use some in the garage and I’ve been happy with them. But I haven’t tried them for yard work etc. I may just get the “Hardy” gloves on sale at Harbor Freight and use them until they’re wore out and then reach for another pair. The last pair I bought looked good and I was optimistic about how they’d preform. But on day two they were getting thin in a few areas. Once the sweat hit them they turned my hands yellow. The yellow was gone after a day but sure did look weird. Thanks Again for your input!! Mark
  12. Philip66

    Philip66 Well-Known Member

    The best leather gloves I've ever used, and this is for construction/trucking operations, chains and binders, etc, come from Magid Glove Co. I think they are still made in USA. But they are all leather with Kevlar thread (I think) and usually around $60.00 a dozen. Part number is TB550E. I buy them by the dozen and give them to my guys for Christmas, they love them too!

    What size are you looking for? I have some left from last Christmas, I'd be glad to send you a pair so you can try before you buy.

    Start a conversation with me and give me a shipping address and I can get them on their way to you today (Friday).


  13. TorqueMonster1

    TorqueMonster1 Making My GS Great Again!

    Wow! What a generous offer. I’ll send you a pm. Thanks Again!! Mark
  14. StagedCat

    StagedCat Platinum Level Contributor

    Same here.....

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