Like Red67 this is not a kill story just a Buick wins story.

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    Took my 1971' Buick Skylark to its first show June, just after completing the 3yr restoration. It was a benefit for American Cancer Society. There were only 40 cars but it was mostly local so that was a pretty good number. The cars were judged and the trophies were awarded. Being a huge Lumber processing plant sponsoring the event the trophies were Kiln dried Red Oak Plaques with burnt in engravings for the best of show from each auto manufacturer. When they awarded the Best of Show for Chevrolet # 29 was called. That was the 71' Buick Skylark. The announcer when told it was a Buick said "Well, could we just say "Best GM?" Unfortunately the plaque says "Best Chevrolet." But I'll keep it. Will always be great for laughs.
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    more than one way to kill the generic brands
    Sometimes we just can be parked and we kick ass
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    Yeah, just like Bob's '72 GS 455 4spd. conv. won BEST MOPAR!!!!!!

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