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Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by jensenracing77, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. I am an Oldsmobile guy and I bought a large load of Oldsmobile parts a couple years ago. This 71 OW transmission was part of the deal. I never knew it was a Buick transmission till today when I looked at the VIN. Is there a registry for 71 GS cars? Would an OW in a Buick only be found in a stage 1? I am going to sell it but prefer to attempt finding the original car to the transmission first. I figure the car is long gone but you never know. If there is a registry I would like to see of this transmission's VIN is on there. The VIN is stamped real high and it makes it hard to read.
  2. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    Early build 71 Stage 1's came with the OW transmission. My 71 Stage 1 had an OW transmission. I think there was a strike at the transmission plant and OW's had to be substituted for BB's. The Stage 1 Registry would have the information you are looking for IF the car that tranny came out of has been registered.
  3. Mike Sobotka

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    Yes look in the Stage 1 registry. If you cannot find the match and are going to sell, I would be interested.
  4. Goose1970-72

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    Any chance the last four of the VIN are '0185'...?...I know it is a long shot...
  5. Wrong number.

    I am going to sell it either way. It is to be considered a core and needing a major rebuild. It has had some moisture in it and sit since the 80's. My transmission guy said the valve body that is specific to the OW will be ok and that the moisture didn't really hurt anything that is any big deal to change in a rebuild.
  6. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    Where are you located?
  7. Michael L Vogel

    Michael L Vogel vogreene

    Are you going to post in parts for sale prior once u decide to sell?
  8. johnson1946

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    Looking a OW transmission from St. Louis area. what's last 5 digits on tag?
  9. flynbuick

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    Jonson1946--the partial VIN for the donor car is on the driver's side of the case just above where the pan mates.

    Jensen Racing-- I can verify the Johnson1946 owns a 71 stage 1 local to me.
  10. Sorry for not getting back to this for a while. I am in Brazil Indiana. I will try to remember to post the VIN off of it tonight and some pictures. I would much rather try to find the correct car but that will not likely happen. I will at least give it some time before I sell it to someone else. I am located in Brazil Indiana.

    This transmission was in a barn in Illinois for many years.
  11. flynbuick

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    Jonhson46's 71 stage one came from the mid west, St Louis area and it is missing its OW trans. Let's hope the numbers match his car and the two can be reunited.
  12. Hope I did the pictures right. The VIN was stamped very high. I want to believe the last three numbers are 777 because they are not the same as the 1. If anyone can help locate the missing car to this transmission would be great. I am sure the car owner would be pleased. I want $550 for this transmission but will not sell it to anyone till I give it time to find the missing original car. If someone can look the number up on the registry would be great.

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  13. dcm422

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    41H id's the trans as a 71 Buick. 4 is Buick 1 is 71 and H says it was a Flint, MI built car. Since most Stage 1 cars were built in Flint, it is likely that it is from a 71 Stage 1. Am fairly certain BB and OW were the correct model of trans for it.

  14. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    There are no vins posted on the stage 1 registry for privacy. Email Marco thru the website and he can check I believe.
  15. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    I communicated with Marco, it is not in his registry but he did say it was probably a 12A or 12B build date according to vin.
  16. Thank you. It is very likely that this car is long gone but wanted to at least try. If someone had the original block to my 70 442 W-30 I would be glad they tried to find the car.
  17. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    Exactly. :TU:
  18. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Blah, Blah, Blah

    I checked the VIN's on all the 71 window stickers that I have done and the closest VIN was about 80 digits off.... Would have liked to find the car it belongs too

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