Looking for 69 White Skylark Custom Convertible 455

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by sore loser, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. sore loser

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    Long shot I know and hope this is the right place

    Looking for 1969 Skylark Custom Convertible- white body, black interior and top. Added '76 455 engine in 2002, mated to original TH350 auto. Sold in 2003 to Danny in Columbus, OH. Ohio BMV shows car went to TN in 2004. Flint made car. Last 4 digits of VIN is **9004. Rear axle 2.73 ratio is from a '71 olds. Poor body repair work on passenger side rear quarter, door etc.

    Back story: Dad bought this car when I graduated high school. Dad passed recently so I would really like to buy the car back and enjoy owning/driving it again.

    This thread has a photo about a year before I sold it:

  2. Bad Boattail

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    A white model year 1969 Skylark Custom convertible (one of 6,552 built), black top, with a 455 and you know the last 4 digits of the VIN.
    That car should not be too hard to find if you look at how many members this board has :TU:

    I have not seen it at shows in Europe.


  3. jalopi42

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    well its been 13 years since your last post it could be anywhere or not at all, good luck and keep this post updated it wil help find what your looking for

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