looking for a lost 65 Gran Sport in Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by gvinz, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. gvinz

    gvinz 65 G.S. Hardtop

    In 1968 i sold my 1965 Skylark Gran Sport to a guy in the Hartford Wisconsin area. It was a coupe, 4 speed car, verde green with a saddle interior. Vin #444275h203742. I understand that he was street racing it quite hard in the area at that time. I don't remember the guys name that I sold it to. Maybe someone in the area remembers the car and could shed some light on who owned it and if it's still alive. Any information would be great. Thanks Glenn
  2. buickgs400

    buickgs400 1967 GS400 4Spd Conv


    If you know a policeman in Wisconsin and since you have the VIN, you can have the policeman check the database. I did this on one of my cars, found it, and bought it back.

    Good luck
  3. gvinz

    gvinz 65 G.S. Hardtop

    Thanks Ken. I called the Wisconsin DMV to see if they might be able to help. I can get a form from them that I can request information, but it only goes back five years. Just found this out, so I will get after it. I wouder if a cop from Ohio can get the same information from Wisconsin? Will have to check this out. Glenn
  4. Mister T

    Mister T Just truckin' around

    Glenn, firstly, welcome aboard.:beer Secondly, try asking at 65gs.com. Someone there might remember that car, or even better, now own it!! I seem to recall photos of a Verde Green 4 speed car from Wisconsin that was posted either there, or here last year.
  5. gvinz

    gvinz 65 G.S. Hardtop

    Thanks for the reply Mr. T. I will check out 65gs.com. It would be nice to find it and park it along side my white 65 hardtop. Glenn
  6. gvinz

    gvinz 65 G.S. Hardtop

    update on the hunt for the 65 g.s.. I was able to track down the person I sold the car to in 1967. He lives on the east coast and when I called him, he remembered me and the car. We spent the next hour talking about the 65. He traded it in on a 1969 z28. He had a friend that sold cars at the chev dealer at that time. He remembered the guys name and is going to locate him and see if he remembers where the 65 might have went. a long shot at best. Keep looking. Glenn
  7. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    Great progress, good luck!

    There was a verde green 4 speed car on eBay in 2008. Located in Syracuse, NY. Car was built in Fremont, Ca.
    I thought I had saved pics of it, but I can't locate them now. I don't recall what color interior it had.

    A long shot, but here's another 65 GS also located in Syracuse, maybe he knows of the green one:

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