Looking for high lift floor jack

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by dr, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a quality floor jack to lift my car more than the standard 19-20". I got a deal on some summit foam race ramps that go under the tire. They are 12" and my jack is not tall enough. I guess I could put a block of wood between the jack and car but not keen on that idea.
    Thanks Reber
  2. 1973gs

    1973gs Well-Known Member

    I have an OTC 2 ton that goes from 3 1/2" to 24". I've had it 11 years and it's been great. It also has a life time warranty. I think that I paid around $400 for it.
  3. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I'm an hour from Summit Racing an never thought of them until after I posted. 24" seems the limit before huge price jump.
  4. TexasT

    TexasT Texas, where are you from

  5. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I picked up a jack at Summit Racing. I love it! My old jack would not lower a car slowly easily.
  6. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

  7. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rex. I have not seen those before. The 24" light is almost enough. I put a 2x6 between the jack and frame for the extra lift

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