Looking for mig welding advise! I'm still pretty green

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by guyver002, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. guyver002

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    Hey all ! Another update I kept it on the back burner doing any of this as other stuff with the car popped up and family stuff and I have no garage to work in so I had to re arrange quite a bit to make room for more stuff lol. Anyways the weather is warm here in SC and I started turning the wrenches again (god how i missed it). This time it was a new gas tank, pickup and straps. the holes in the body where the straps and screws go on in the back were all boogered up from the years and I needed to get some more metal up in there. Sure they sell the whole piece but there was enough metal there to simply build up and grind down the excess and thats what I did! Thanks to everyone's advise here I managed to get me a tank of 25/75 and nail down my wire feed speed and voltage. The only thing that wasnt mention I think was when I got the regulator for the tank there was a ball gauge and for those who didn't know. There is a pressure gauge of course but new to me was the vertical ball gauge that shows me the volume of gas Im pushing through the hoses and the guy I bought from at the counter at the Arc3 place recommended about 15 maybe a little more if your outside in the wind or fan but that's not an ideal environment anyways. Anyways again got it filled in and ground and shaped pretty and I'm ready to put in a new gas tank with confidence! Thanks again guys!
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    also if your running an extension cord....make sure its the proper gauge for the distance ....to thin a wire and the welder does not work up to par
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    That REG is a flowmeter... ws
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    Ah , thank you. Learning the correct term for things is also part of the process. Now if the "thingy that does that one thing" breaks on down the road someone will understand how to help me with parts or advise.
  5. 436'd Skylark

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    This is good advice. Your average extension cord will neuter your welder. It's best not to use one but of course you'll have to at some point. You can buy a good 12 gauge cord that will work but it'll be pricey.

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