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Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by 2.5, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Has anyone that has done this swap in their GS "70 model" ran into any issues that are different from that of a Chevelle? There are conversions done on many a Chevelle but I haven't ran across a GS.
    Thinking about trying to keep it as close to stock appearing as possible, even using the stock air cleaner, stock AC box, etc, with an auto.
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    One difference from a Chevelle are the frame stands for the motor mounts. You need those from a Chevelle in order to use the LS Swap mounts for SBC. And there are two types to choose from: 307 V8 and the rest. I guess none of the swap kits require you to use the 307 frame stands. This is where I am right now. My goal is to fit the engine in stock location so I can use my stock drive shaft.

    Also, the Trans Dapt 4592 kit is bad, the holes don't line up with the block. Just enlarging by 1 mm will solve, but still...

    Stock air cleaner? Are you converting the LS to carburetors?
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    The plan is to use the Holley FI. I want to try to modify the air breather to make it work in the stock location and utilize the stock air intakes. Don't really know if it will be possible but sure want to give it a try.
    If anyone has any thoughts on this I would love to hear them.
    Starting to look into headers, anyone have suggestions on those?
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    Anyone have info to add here? I would love some more input......PLEASE!!
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    idk anyone that has done a 70 but the frame and all that is same in the front across the board in a bodies. the air cleaner i dont have a clue. personally if your not keeping it multi port fi idk if i would do it. idk if your using a multi port or tbi holly. still your leaving some power and economy on the table swaping over the holly units. you could still make a tube and connect it up so its a ram air.
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    I thought the Holley system was as good as the factory EFI?
    I could stay with the Buick engine and add the Holley EFI but that would still not produce the gas millage that I am hoping for.
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    the holley units iirc are all tbi systems. the tbi system while is giving some advantage on a carb it doesnt on a multi port unit. also a metal intake is going to loose some to heat soak. what ls engine are you wanting to run btw?
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    I haven't decided yet. I am considering the lsx or just a good ls3. The reason I am thinking of the holly system is so that I could use the factory breather. That might be a problem though because the engine might not be close enough to the stock location to allow it?
    Any ideas on this?
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    ive seen a cap made on the oem intake that connects the the tb to old carb style air filter. would be alot cheaper than spending 2k on a holley set up. there is a multi port setup that uses a 4bb style throttle body it looks great but its 2k for little gain just looks pretty. I think foose made it on overhaulin the cap a simple tube that is flat would be easy from sheetmetal or pvc.
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