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  1. Skwee-G

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    Sunday, May 2, 2004

    Annual Spring Extravaganza Car Show & Swap Meet.

    Sponsored by: Gopher State Buick Club

    Minnesota State Fairgrounds-St. Paul MN

    24 hour show hotline: 651-770-8096

    All information is here:


    Hope to see you there!!
  2. SmittyDawg

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    You can count on it!!:TU:
  3. gscalifornia

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    Mpls Spring Extravaganza / Buick Picnic

    I have been to this event several years and weather permitting it has been awesome! I hope to make it again this year, though I don't know if I'll drive my Buick down yet or not.

    I keep reading about all the spring picnics planned in other areas of the country and am jealous we're not planning one in the Mpls/St Paul area!! Seems there are quite a few BPG members within a couple hundred miles of TSP and I think it would be great to meet some of you before the long trek to Salem in August. Maybe we could plan something for Saturday May 1st, then people could stay over and attend the BCA show the next day?

    Just throwing this out to see if there is any interest. Maybe we could convince Jim to give us a tour of TSP, catch a little street action on University, cruise Porky's (its still there right?), and have some good ol' fashion benchracing fun!

    Does this sound good to anyone else??
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  4. Dale

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    Re: Mpls Spring Extravaganza / Buick Picnic

    Porky's is still there.

    Yes! It sounds good! :beer

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