Modern Buick vs. the best Germany can make

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    so a little back ground on the car before the kill story, its a 2004 rainier bought new by my father who owns a 71 Gs 455 four speed. This was my first car, its a v8 body on frame IFS four link rear Buick from the 21st century in my opinion a true modern muscle car. The trailblazer SS was the performance trim level chevy on this platform. Being a Buick faithful i wanted to make the equivalent trim level on the Buick model, the Rainier GS. So the car has a 5.7L ls6 with custom ground cam, 11.5:1 compression, built transmission with shift kit and 2400stall, and a few suspension modifications.

    after a week of trying to fix some ground wiring issues I was testing the instrumentation so as i was merging onto i-485 in charlotte I checked my mirror and brand new Mercedes AMG GTS is sitting right and my rear tire. As I'm accelerating to merge ahead of him I hear him down shift twice trying to keep me from mergeing so i roll on the throttle in 4th and shoot in ahead of him. After doing this he sits about a foot off my bumper half a mile later traffic clears merc still a foot behind me. He moves over a lane accelerating hard, his twin turbo v8 making a very german howl. when he gets to my quarter panel i open the throttle and the transmission kicks down to second with an athouritative bark from the tires:3gears:. Guy in the AMG looks over shocked probably has never heard traction broken at speed before:shock:. He's still hard in the throttle when i barked into third and start to slowly put some distance on him as speed continues to climb well off the speedometer. I glance in the side mirror and the guy looks pissed, i guess he didn't like that his $130,00 :dollar: German engineered Messerschmitt didn't have enough for a "stock" Buick suv:af:. At this point i return to cruising speed feeling a bit chilly adjust the air-condition. When i get back home and look up his car Mercedes claims it runs 11s in the 1/4 with its 7 speed dual clutch transmission that they claimed shifts faster then you can blink.
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    That AMG could have your Buick for breakfast, this was all taking place inside your head :Smarty:
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    Is that with or without a trunk full of your refugees? :TU:
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    I have shown quite a few German V8 powered SUV's, including an X5M using a 125 shot on the LS2, the tail lights of my TBSS's and now my Saab 9.7X affectionately called the Trollblazer SS . It's a damn shame they didn't manufacture a Rainier in TBSS form . []


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    You've obviously never experienced LS based power, I absolutely RAPED an AMG twin turbo in my 02 Trans AM heads,cam,gear and boltons of course bad thing is I had a 175 shot at my right hand and never needed it, pulled the German pos from 40 to 140
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    To do this with your 2 tons truck you need at least 700 hp .... the LSX engines are amazing, and if you get from the small ls6 ( ls1 with ls6 +ls6 heads) that amount of power, without any power adder, your car needs alot mor stall to get out of the hole...

    @hugger I also had a 01 camaro Z28 LS1 with boltons, it runs great, and your car with cam and heads will be fast, real fast but you are much lighter ...
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    (google it...)

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