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    Myself and a good buddy bought these (2) to remodel and update the interiors. His health is declining and his wife wants them sold. The gold one runs, drives and steers but no brakes. Clear title in his name. The blue one is just for parts. Larry Shinoda designed these along with the Boss Mustangs and Mako Shark corvettes. 413 with torque flite -trannys. They look like the space shuttle or chopped due to the trapezoid windows. Only made fro 3 years in Brighton Michigan by White motors. $4,000.00 for the pair. I will gladly store them for 30 days after full payment in received. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan

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    Some pictures. If you know a Mopar collector, let me know. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan
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    Going indoors for Winter storage. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan
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    A good friend of mine and I had a bet that one of these would be at the MCACN two weeks ago. He lost. Now we can have a pre-Christmas meal on his tab. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan

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