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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Brad W, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Brad W

    Brad W Well-Known Member

    I've been prepping my '72 Skylark 350-4 motor for painting (motor still in engine bay) and so far I've used simple green and Gunk foaming degreaser. The motor is look much better put i still have more work to do. I'm wondering what's the best way to get the last bits of grease off, and what do I need to do for final prep before painting? I plan to use engine spay paint.

    I'm thinking just more hard work and a final wipe down with some paint thinner to remove any residue then mask and spay? IMG_20171206_205532388.jpg

    I'm going to install new valve cover gaskets so I'm thinking to do the final valve cover clean up off the motor then reinstall and paint them when I paint the rest of the engine.

    Does that sound right?
  2. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Scrape the leftover stuff off with a small flat blade, the oven cleaner is much cheaper and works awesome, better than most degreasers imo, but some dupli-color self etch primer will make the job much easier and you will use less paint, cold galvanizing compound on the exhaust ports will help keep the paint from flaking, I don't use engine enamel, just Krylon Rust Tough in cherry red, very close to Buick red
  3. Brad W

    Brad W Well-Known Member

    Thanks Hugger, that oven cleaner sounds like the way to go for the final clean up and thanks for the tip about the cold galvanizing compound...
  4. PaulGS

    PaulGS Well-Known Member

    Clean, clean, and clean again.

    I like to use a heat gun to get the metal warm.

    Thin coats work best.
  5. OHC JOE


    Use aluminum foil instead of paper to mask stuff off it forms easy and stays there.
    In those hard to reach area's
  6. steve covington

    steve covington Well-Known Member

    Be sure to use the CAUSTIC old fashioned oven cleaner (with sodium hydroxide AKA Lye), not the new-school environmental friendly good for the environment stuff. BE SURE TO USE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT!!! Good rubber gloves, eye protection, industrial apron... You WILL know if you get that stuff on your skin!!! But it will get even the old baked in baked on oil dried crap out of the cracks and crannies, given enough time and possible repeat application. I used it to clean an engine that had sat for over 20 years after leaking away all its live of poor maintenance .... over 1/2 inch thick crud in the lifter valley. NO it was NOT a BUICK... It was a Pontiac; I had a friend that had his parts 'disappear' from a shop that had his car and closed up the business.
  7. Brad W

    Brad W Well-Known Member

    Did the oven cleaner last evening, with the old fashion stuff, yes it made me gag but stuff works good! I just got a couple of tough places to hit and I'll be good to go.

    the aluminum foil mask sound good, I'll snag some from my wife.

    I had to buy some wire harness tape from Amazon since when I went to wipe the grease off the harness some of is just fell apart. the tape will get to me in a couple of days.

    Man, This engine painting follows it's own path don't it...

    One thing, I had to but a new thermostat hosing only right on the side of it says in big letters MADE IN CHINA! If I filled the with bondo and painted it would the bondo hold up to the heat?

    Thanks guys, I'll post some photos when I done
  8. 71stagegs

    71stagegs bpg member #1417

    I have been using dupli-color 1653 ceramic engine paint 500* it holds up well color is close
  9. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Use JB weld to fill it in.
  10. Brad W

    Brad W Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, the JB weld is a great idea!
    I check out the dupli-color 1653 ceramic engine paint, I'm getting close to painting. I'm go to paint the fire wall since I have the valve covers off for prepping and to install now gaskets.

    I'm hoping to be done in a couple of weeks.
  11. Taulbee2277

    Taulbee2277 Silver Level contributor

    Just wanted to add that I did the oven cleaner trick tonight thanks to this thread. Long story short it cleaned the crap out of everything, wish I would have read about it sooner.
  12. 64 skylark mike

    64 skylark mike Well-Known Member

    Oven cleaner followed with degreaser works great, just be careful to not leave it too long on aluminum parts like fuel pumps etc. It will discolor them. I like using ammonia for a degreaser. You can get a gallon jug at Family Dollar cheap, and it works great. Also get the oven cleaner there too. They carry name brand and Family Dollar store brand, both work great!
  13. MrSony

    MrSony Well-Known Member

    It is a nice color.

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  14. Brad W

    Brad W Well-Known Member

    I just picked some Dupli-color 1653 last night, I'm hoping to paint it this Saturday. They had two cans, I wanted one more just in case. I'm hoping to find an extra can this evening some place.
  15. Mopar

    Mopar Well-Known Member

    Is it recommended to prime the engine first, or just straight to paint?
  16. 71stagegs

    71stagegs bpg member #1417

    Pep Boys has it here in NY also advanced auto parts
  17. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Some self etch primer makes it cover 3x faster and promotes adhesion

    The Dupli Color army green colored stuff works very well
  18. Mopar

    Mopar Well-Known Member

    Will regular temp primer stay on? I mean we use a temp paint for the engine, should we not need a high heat primer?

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