Moving to Southern California?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Marco, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Electra Dave

    Electra Dave Active Member

    While I would take San Diego over LA any day. There are some really nice areas in LA. Lets remember that LA county is about the size of some states. Well, maybe RI. You can dive for 120 miles and still be in greater LA.

    The weather today here is very nice, probably around 65 with a little bit of haze. I can't see the ocean from my office today, but it should still be a nice sunset. And yes, the cars are outrageous out here. I work in the old Petersen Publishing Building(Primedia), in LA and I get to see lots of the cool cars.

  2. Eric Schmelzer

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    My uncle lived in LA for better than 25 years. He retired about 5 years ago from Ralphs Supermarkets. He was the meat dept mgr at one of the stores. He always said that he made more money by mistake in CA that he ever could have back here in NE. He recently moved to Laughlin NV. He put his house on the market on Fri and it was sold by Mon. I believe he got around 350k for it. He finally got tired of the congestion.

    GSXMEN Got Jesus?

    Marco - They give 4 weather reports out here in San Diego - coastal, inland, mountains and desert!!'re bound to find someplace nearby that you'll like the weather! Shoot....bad weather out here qualifies for a pretty decent day back east!!:Brow:

    It still cracks me up when I hear the locals describe 'winter' out here!:grin:

    And if you're into motorcycles - almost everyday is a bike riding day!!!:TU:
  4. BuickLark66

    BuickLark66 Lost in space

    Yup, so cal has seasons

    Get dark early

    Get dark late

    Thats about it.

    I have been here for about 13 years (transplanted from Long Island NY) and this place has grown really quickly. It is over regulated, overcrowded and in some cases just plain dumb.

    But since I have a desire to never see a snow shovel again I am staying.

  5. CyberBuick

    CyberBuick What she used to be....

    Rich, you forgot to mention the other indications of 'seasons'... The fashions the ladies wear.. Goes from full shirt and jeans to halter top & miniskirt or hotpants.. :gt: :spank:

    I'ze born -n- dun raised here with a short stint of 4yrs in DFW TX.. You ain't gonna find better year round weather.. Stay away from the mountains tho unless you like teen temps at night in the winter..

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